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Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Experience

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I want to bring this experience I had at Best Buy, Florida Mall, Orlando to the corporate office.  Being a customer of Best Buy, this specific location for the last 8 years it was disappointing and alarming at the same time. I am bringing this issue up for many reasons.

  1. No one should be treated as a customer with disrespect at any cost ( Read the incident below)
  2. I have had an amazing experience at Best Buy and I will not let one person ruin that experience for me. Maybe Best Buy needs to focus on hiring people who are good for the job OR they need to invest in the training piece little more.
  3. Best Buy and Apple needs to figure out how Apple product customers should navigate when buying a product from Best Buy.

Incident: I purchased MacBook Pro from Best Buy on 06/09/18 from the Florida Mall branch. In just a week, my computer screen suddenly stopped working and like any customer who has invested upwards of 2K on a machine would be worried. I called Apple hotline and was told that “as the purchase has been made in less than a week, I should go back to Best Buy and let their team examine my machine and they would happily exchange my machine”, and I just did that.

On, June 20th, 2018, I went back to Best Buy. I know almost half a dozen people there who have supported my purchases in the past and have been very helpful. They told me that its not a problem and they would be happy to help me out.

But then a guy, in his early 30s or late 20s, little overweight, wearing Geek Squad uniform came out and looking at my machine, without even examining it said

“We can’t take this machine back”.

“have you reached out to Apple store”. I told him that I did and as I purchased my machine here, they directed me to you. He said, “I can’t take your defective machine back as Apple will not reimburse us”.


I asked him to see what’s with my machine, it might be covered under the manufacturing guarantee. He didn’t even look and refused altogether. His tone was loud and confrontational. His best response was “how can I know you didn’t break your machine and if it’s an accident” and my reply was “how are you sure that it’s not a manufacturing fault as the screen is intact and there is a line in the middle which appeared”. His response “I know you did something”. I asked him, can you please put this in writing what you are saying verbally to me, “I came with a defective machine and Best Buy refused to accommodate": His response “We have an excellent team of lawyers and they know how to deal with this” and I should talk to them. He shifted gears so fast and went right to threatning me with lawyers without me bringing them. With no empathy, lack of people skills, loud tone, accusing rhetoric, I asked him “I am not comfortable talking to you, I will appreciate if you send someone else”.


Then comes Mr. John {removed per forum guidelines} and Miguel V, manager Geek Squad. They both listened to my issue but unlike the previous guy who was loud and disrespectful, they kept their tone in order and said, “We can’t return or do anything”. I asked both guys what is my fault here that I purchased a machine and within a week it's not working and you are not assisting. One of them said, “if Apple told you over the phone that they can’t help you it means they know it’s a defective piece and Best Buy won’t return a defective machine”. I explained that Apple suggested me to come so you can examine my machine but you are neither examining nor returning or suggesting a solution. I requested the same that can you put in writing that you cannot return my machine and they both refused to do that also. 


I told them that I am recording this conversation, to which one of the guys said, you can’t record, and I stopped. The Other guy told me to leave the store if I video record him.


I went to Apple store and they examined my machine and told me its a manufacturing fault and Best Buy should have exchanged me the machine. I have written evidence from Apple stating that which I explicitly asked them to produce to so i can present it Best Buy or their "lawyers" for that matter. Also, the video recording I have of me at the store and asking for an explanation is another evidence. Both Miguel and John {removed per forum guidelines} refused to share the name of the guy who threatened me with the lawyers. Best Buy coorporate can access that interaction which happened on 20th June at 345 PM, Florida Mall location. 


I reached out to Best Buy customer service and the guy who took my call was very supportive and encouraged me to file a written complaint here as that’s how “corporate” will investigate. I am not happy with this system of complaints but I m following the system and writing here. I guess I am few of those people who support brick and mortar stores over Amazon, but this experience forced me to join Amazon prime for further electronic purchases, but I wanted Best Buy to know so that when doing auditing later, they must know where they were wrong. In this situation, I blame the people who hire non-professional individuals.


I am also willing to donate $500 to Best Buy towards training these employees at Florida Mall


According to the terms of purchase, I was entitled to an exchange or return if the product is defective. Apple has confirmed me, and I have that proof now. I reached out to Best buy store (please investigate the video recording of the store for this day and hour) and please see for yourself. I was refused any assistance and due to being out of 14 days return time, I was stripped of my right due to some employees who have goon like attitudes.


I want to remind Best Buy that you need loyal customers like us because we do have options now. But I owe this due to my 8 years of good experience to give them this opportunity to make things right. Apple has helped me with my machine and has provided me with the best customer service possible, Best buy needs to do its part now. I want Best to buy to train those people so no one else experiences such humiliation again. I have the video evidence, if best buy need my coordination with any further investigation.



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Re: Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Experi

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Re: Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Experi

This post is interesting. I've been on the forums for awhile now. Up until a few months ago, if someone was within the 15 day return period the only items that Best Buy would not exchange were items most likely damaged by the customer (generally cracked tv's, cracked phones, etc) . Recently the forums indicate that you can't exchange ANY defective items, even manufacturer defects such as the laptop described in the post. Purchasers must rely on the manufactures warranty or geek squad warranties even if the item was defective out of the box and within the 15 day return period. Reguarding the current post, I thought Best Buy was an authorized Apple repair center? If they couldn't return the computer out right, why couldn't they take it in as a warranty repair?
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Re: Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Experi

This is fairly interesting. I have spent around 70 grand at bestbuy purchasing computers tvs speaker and appliances and much more and have never ran into such disrespectful employees or the problems you had. I hope something gets done about this. I even had to get a exchange on a pc monitor one time because my dog knocked it over and it broke months later after purchasing and even telling them the reason they still exchange.
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Re: Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Experi

Exactly. They should have offered me some kind of assistance including manufacturing warranty repair as they consider themselves "Authorized Apple Repair Center". But instead they wanted me to go to back to Apple relieving themselves from any responsibility whatsoever. 





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Re: Employee''s inappropriate Behavior/ Threatening with Lawyers/ Video Evidence/ ---Alarming Exp...

Hello OrlandoFl38, 


Discovering that your MacBook Pro may be defective a week after your purchase of it is certainly frustrating. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your experience seeking further assistance from the Geek Squad team at your local Best Buy Florida Mall location with us. I’m sorry for our delayed response, but I’d be happy to continue to discuss your concerns with you at this time. 


Best Buy strives to provide great customer service while still offering expert advice. It’s disappointing to hear that’s not the kind of experience you had. Our Return & Exchange Promise does share that we’d be unable to accept items for return that are damaged, or not in a like-new condition. However, that should be communicated in a kind and professional manner. It sounds like that might not have occurred, and your local Geek Squad may have deducted that damage may be present without fully reviewing the issue.


Select Best Buy locations are Apple Authorized Service Providers, however, most of the work they’re authorized to do is centered on iPhones and iPads. More invasive repairs which is typically required with laptops would still be sent out to Geek Squad City for further review. Can you please send me a private message with the following pieces of information? 


-Full Name
-Phone Number 
-Customer Service Pin from your purchase receipt. 


A private message can be sent by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom. I look forward to your reply to continue reviewing your concerns while ensuring they’re properly document here at our Corporate Office. 



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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