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Elevated Customer Service Issue

I purchased a samsung washer and dryer in 2014 with a 5 year warranty.  Within the last 3 years the samsung dryer has had over 6 different repairs.  Most recently I called Greek quad December 2018 because I was having another problem with the dryer.  I was told by the tech that came out that my warranty was terminated because the dollar amount has been exceeded. My problem with this scenario is no one during the 6 visits to my home informed me that we were approaching the max allowance for our warranty. I asked the tech that came to my home to speak with his supervisor about my situation since he had fixed the dryer 3 of the 6 times.  When the tech called me back he told me that his supervisor stated there was nothing that could be done because the dryer has exceeded the dollar amount.  I then called the Best Buy customer service twice in one day. The first time I held for an hour, got a rep on the phone explained the entire situation. She was going to escalate my request to a manager who would then call me with 24 to 48 (That was 5 days ago).  During our call we were disconnected from each other this was during the same time the rep was suppose to be making her notes on our account.  The rep never called me back and furthermore when I called back to customer service she made no notes in the system.  On top of everything my dryer once again has stopped working tonight.   I truly love Best Buy and have been a long time customer but I am very disappointed with the way this situation has been handled.  I would appreciate any help on who I call or write. Thanks