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Eastvale greek squad complaint

I visted the eastvale best buy store in eastvale ca Nov 8th. I went to the geek squad counter to turn in a tablet to be sent out to be repaired. There was no customers anywhere at or around the counter. A associate walked other and asked me if i had an appointment. I said no i just need to drop a tablet off. She did not want anything else to do with me. She said she could make me an appointment which the next one was not until five hours later or the next day. Then when i left she went back to talk to her friend. I am upset because there was no other appointments there or other customers and im being truned away. That is bad customer service and i will not purchase and warranty or support again.
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Re: Eastvale greek squad complaint

The Geek Squad precint adopted the appointments based off customers feedback about not getting enough time with our Agents.  We listened and we put into effect the appointments to help our customers get the service they deserve, for the full amount of time they're scheduled.  Knowing that you arrived when no one else was there, the Agent should have provided you with the expert service we strive for and schedule you an appointment either later that day or the next soonest available. 

Thank you for stopping by to share your feedback and please be sure to schedule your appointments before heading into any Geek Squad areas so that you can get the time you deserve!

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