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I purhased a HUAWEI HONOR 6X, MODEL #: BERLIN-L24 via your website on October 3, 2017. Upon using the handset it was warm to the touch when charging, I surmized that it was normal for the handset essentially dismissed intial concern. To my dismay, the phone did even not last ONE MONTH before it was rendered useless. It became extremely hot a few days ago and would not respond. I took the phone to a local technician who relayed to me that the wires in the phone were completely burnt and corroded and the phone had what appeared to be water damage/residue. Immediately rebuffed his claim, afterall I purchased a new unlocked phone from Best Buy. Called 1-888-237-8289 ( might I add that I incurred international charges due to be outside of the us) and relayed my issue to the first agent who placed me on hold for around 3 mins without even having the decency to advise me that she would have transferred by call to the Geek Squad department. Again, I expressed my issue to the Geek Squad agent who advised me that she is not able to assist me and I am to hold once more for a third transfer. How unfortunate of me to have had the displeasure of being subjected to poor customer service by Best Buy! After the third transfer, I spoke with Austin - who was willing to assist despite me being an extremely disgruntled customer who at this point just want my money refunded to my credit card. Having relayed AGAIN the issue with the device, Austin informed me that Best Buy IS KNOWLEDGEABLE of complaints about overheating and the phone being warm to the touch and it could be as a result of a manufacturer's default. Okay fine, but what about the water residue found inside the phone? What about the phone showing signs of being previously used. I was told by Austin that the phones sold a brand new and he does not see a recourse for my issue. I told him matter of factly that I want the phone replaced or my money refunded. I will not be incurring international shipping costs to have Best Buy inspect a faulty phone that was sold to. He asked to place me on hold, fine - I waited for SEVEN MINUTES, only for him to reiterate what he previously stated to me in our conversation that the phone is no longer under warranty because the 14 day policy for unlocked phones has lapsed and he nor his seniors have the authority to replace the device or refund my $200 +


Austin did provide me with this medium (after asking for a direct contact email to detail my issue - no avail!), atleast I got some form of customer service right?!


Best Buy I NEED MY MONEY REFUNDED TO MY CC. At this point, I dont even want the phone replaced. I've made many electronic purchases prior which underscored my decision to make this purchase and not on AMAZON. I wish I did, Amazon KNOWS CUSTOMER SERVICE.  

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Hello Jayde,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community!


Purchasing a new phone is very exciting. Across different communities, and in the product reviews it does mention the phone can get kind of hot when using multiple applications. I’m sorry that your phone seems to not working at this point. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share with us. I’d be happy to see what further advice I may be able to provide you at this time.


Our Return & Exchange Promise clearly states that we’d be unable to take back damaged, or defective items. Moving forward it would be best to discuss your concerns with the manufacturer under the one year manufacturer’s warranty associated with your purchase. You can contact Huawei directly using the contact modes listed on their website.


Please let me know if you have any questions about our Return & Exchange Promise.I'd be happy to help you answer them. 



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