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Dyson Refunded Instead of Exchanged

Hello old friends!


It's good to be back, though I wish it were under better circumstances. 


I bought a Dyson V11 Animal with a hefty accommodation on on Oct. 9, 2019 (a day or two after the GSP terms changed to allow reimbursement up to the regular retail value, regardless of discounts). This week, the trigger stopped working. My husband brought it into the store while I'm working to ideally get it replaced since it was readily available, or repaired if need be. However, the store refunded it under the MFW for what we paid, along with a prorated refund of our GSP. He brought this up to a manager, but because it was originally a order, the store was unable to undo what had been done, and directed him to contact 888. 


Being I was the original purchaser, I contacted Geek Squad while at work. They directed me back to the store. I tried again and landed with Primary Support. Who transferred me to Geek Squad. They heard "gift card" and transferred me to My Best Buy - even though I told them they handle the loyalty program and rewards, not gift cards. Of course, My Bet Buy transferred me back to Geek Squad... who put me on hold before the line disconnected. Being at work, I gave up on the phone, so here I am.


At this point, I've gone ahead and reordered the V11 Animal with the store credit, as I'm moving and need a vacuum to clean my old apartment. 


Admittedly, I may be misremembering the intricacies of how things work, but shouldn't this have been an even exchange since it was readily available, not a reimbursement? Is there anything that can be done? I would really prefer not to have to pay the difference if this should have been an even exchange. 


If @GingerSpam_Man or one of his associates can help in any way, I would be forever grateful. 

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Re: Dyson Refunded Instead of Exchanged

According to all the gsp's I have read they never refund you more then you originally paid and always have to use the manufacturers warranty first if it's covered by the manufacturer (and do whatever the manufacturer says to do, probably refund in this case).
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Re: Dyson Refunded Instead of Exchanged

Definitely understand there may not have been another option since this was fulfilled under MFW, but can’t hurt to seek answers.

As far as the GSP goes, purchases made after Oct. 7, 2019 are eligible to receive reimbursements up to the regular retail price found on the receipt at the time of of purchase. Super awesome change for customers to more easily replace their products when something goes wrong with like-kind and quality, and rids customers of the burden to pay that difference.

Again, kind of moot since it was replaced under the MFW and the GSP cancelled, but either repair, exchange, or reimbursement under the GSP - I know, when a MFW is valid it is used first, and that may be the very detail that leaves me out of luck - wouldn’t have left me in this pickle.
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Re: Dyson Refunded Instead of Exchanged

Hello, AnOldFriend!


Welcome back, though I agree, I wish it were under better circumstances! It sounds like you've spoken to several different agents to get some answers here about your replacement, and I'm sorry to hear that. I'd love to see what I can do to help out. 


Please send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and purchase information and I can take a closer look here. 




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Re: Dyson Refunded Instead of Exchanged

Found a resolution! Huge thank you to Meg and all of this team for the awesome work they always do!