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Dryer Delivered Damaged - No Replacement!

During Covid, my 90-year-old mother purchased an electric dryer form Best Buy (in Delaware 4807 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803).  The dryer was purchased in August 2020 with delivery and hookup services. However, when the dryer was delivered it was discovered that the requisite electrical outlet was not installed (the previous dryer used an out-of-code direct electric connection).  Due to this connection problem the tech did not install the dryer.


The dryer sat for several months - Covid spiked and my 90-year-old mother's comfort with nonvaccinated people in the house declined. After receiving her vaccination and having the electrical outlet installed my mother decided to move forward with the installation of the dryer.  However, during unpacking of the dryer it was discovered that the dryer was severely damaged during shipping (see attached pictures).


Due to the Best Buy two-week policy - Best Buy has washed their hands of this problem.  They REFUSE to replace the severely damaged dryer!  We are not asking for a refund - nor an exchange to a better dryer - we simply want a new replacement dryer that's not severely damaged (one that will work and won't be a fire hazard).



Feeling completed defeated!





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Re: Maytag front load washer and dryer both have major issues after 5 months

This is crazy... Best Buy has done similar to my 90 year old mother.  They delivered a $800+ dryer that was damaged either at the factory or in transit.  The dryer was not unpacked until after the 2 week "return" policy (we are not returning the dryer - we just want one that was not damaged during delivery).  Best Buy will NOT replace the damaged dryer!  ...again, we do not want to "return" the dryer, we want to "receive" a dryer that was not damaged, beyond repair, during shipment.

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Re: Dryer Delivered Damaged - No Replacement!

Good afternoon, wbrown2001,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Discovering your purchase is damaged over a year after ordering it would be an understandably frustrating experience for anyone, and I regret to hear this seems to be the case with your mother’s dryer.


In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we’ll be unable to discuss this order with anyone other than the person listed as the purchaser of the dryer, and as such, if your mother is still in need of assistance regarding this matter, I recommend she contact our phone support teams at 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289), or visit her local Best Buy store, to explore what options, if any, might be available at this time.



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