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Drop the ball on Service

My husband trusted the Best Buy name and bought a TV worth over $3K plus an extended warranty. Well about a month ago the expensive TV decided not to turn on any more. a Geek Squad tech came to the house to fix the TV and could not. Best Buy said the TV make and model has seen some issues, well we have been on the phone more times than we can count and all we got was runarounds and was bounced from one person to another, i called Best Buy and someone was going to look into something for me, they put me on hold, i was on hold for over an hour before i hung up. Thanksgiving is a few days away, and my parents will be coming to visit in 2 days. This will be their first visit to my new home and I do not have a working tv. At this point i am beyond words with the Best Buy experience. I know al ot of people shop at Best Buy, but i will never again in my life shop there! 

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Thanksgiving 2019, Need some support

Long story short, after about a month, Best Buy can't fix the $3K plus TV i purchased from them. they came once to fix it and could not, they said they were coming another time and did not come. They said that a part was delivered to my house, but i worked from home that day, my desk was next to the front door right by my 9 feet front window, with the door open so my puppy can look out side while i me NO one delivered anything. Then they said Oh the part came to the store, so i went to the store, they can't find the part, i was told again it was delivered to my house. then they could not locate or track the part..... seriously.... Thanksgiving is a few days away, my parents will be visiting mme in my new home and will be here on 11.25.19 and i do not have a working tv. i have been on the phone with Best Buy more times that i can count, i have heard all kind of excuses. My head is spinning with all the run-around Best Buy gave me. Sigh! a lot of people shop there but never, ever again will i shop there. !!!

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Re: Drop the ball on Service

Hello, DaniellaBharath, 


Welcome, and thank you for connecting with us regarding your TV repair! I know my family enjoys having the typical football game on in background during Thanksgiving Day, and it can be a great way to wind down with the family in the evening, so I understand how important it is to have a functional TV around the holidays when you have family visiting. It's wonderful to hear you and your husband entrusted Best Buy with this purchase, and Geek Squad with the repair.


We strive to ensure these services are completed in a timely and professional manner, and it sounds like you've been having quite a bit of trouble, which isn't at all what we like to hear. I would love the opportunity to look into this with you, so I am sending you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page. 



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