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Does the repair shop even check their work?

So I have been in a complete nuisance of a cycle with geek squad repair.

Long and short of it, a laptop I purchased late last year had some problems, but they were minor and I didn't have an extra laptop or the time to travel and hour to bring it in over something minor.

Issues got worse, brought the laptop in a few months ago for repairs. After an hour drive there and back, come home, find out the fix they did solved almost none of the issues it was having.

So I go in again, hour drive to best buy and back. Send it in again, and then come back again later to pick it up.

Not only were the problems not fixed, it actually has -new- problems now that it -didn't- have before I sent it in. On top of that, 2 of the problems listed -still- weren't addressed.  They ddi fix one thing, but now the other problems are so bad the thing is borderline unuseable. 

four hours of time, gas, and months without my expensive laptop just for it to be worse than before I originally took it in. 

What am I supposed to do, drive two hours -again- and send it in -again- for them to not even -check- if its fixed? The issue isn't even hard to see. Its apparent as soon as you turn the laptop on, so its clear to me they didn't even turn it on after the repair to see if their fix worked fully. 

I think this thing wold have been better off scrapped and replaced, but they have to keep sending it in, doing a fix that doesn't actually work, over and over. And I have to come hme, immediately see its still defective, and plan another 2 hour drive and gas money. 

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Re: Does the repair shop even check their work?

Hello, ZaneHataro,


Welcome to our online community.


I hate to hear that your computer has been experiencing so many issues, with the way that we depend upon or technology these days, I can only imagine how frustrating this must be. I would like to look into this for you and reach out to the Geek Squad to see how we can escalate your repair. To do so, I would need a few pieces of information. Using the blue button to the right of my signature, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and service order number.


I would be happy to assist you.





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Re: Does the repair shop even check their work?

I took it in a third time ands they finally just gave me a store credit refund after all the loops. At least it's done with and I can get something that isn't a mess now.