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Dissatisfied. TV replace/ warranty


Bare with me as i'm not used to typing long winded texts,



In late 2013 I purchased (after a LOT of research) what i believed was the best TV i could get for the size i wanted,

I had purchsed a Sony LED tv, only to return it days later unsatified with the picture quality.

Which led me to purchasing the Samsung FS8500 Plasma 51". Love this TV, best picture. Period. Exactly what i wanted.


I dont normally do extended warranties except for laptops, but the sales person sold me on it when he talked about how even if a pixel is out, if they cant repair it, they will replace the TV, and it be be of equal quality, or better. He also refrenced refresh rates etc, that they wouldnt give me a TV of lesser refresh rate.

So i purchsed the 5yr extended warranty.


Fast forward to recent weeks, a green line appears on the screen. Geek squad very freindly, comes out looks at it, goes through some tests, and confirms damage, and asks me to call the exchange number.


So the exchange people say, hmm a plasma. Well we cant exchange it as they dont make it anymore. 

Hows about a nice LED tv?  I explain to him that LED is out of the question, i chose the Plasma because of the picture quality.

He then says, well what i can do is give you fair marker value for your tv $1499 to put towards another tv of your chosing.


I had paid $1800 for my TV and then another $400 (not 100% sure) for the Warranty. so $2200 total.


I explained that i would rather you give me a comparable product, I have researched 2017 TVs and OLED is now comparrable to Plasma. To which he replied, "oh no, thats completely different technlogy" and proceeded to say again how he can give me $1499 towards any tv i want.

I explain to him that to get a comparable quality tv. it will cost me at least $1800 for an OLED and then have to pay another $420 (if i really want to) for the extended warranty.

Again, he cites that OLED is different technology, and he again, like a robot says, "i can give you $1499 towards any OLED you like"

After some back and forth, with me trying to explain that it doesnt matter what technology the tv is, I purchased the original TV based on the quality of the picture, Every HDTV review is saying OLED is comparable.,with his response being again, Well sir, I can give you $1499 towards any tv you like,


So i asked to talk with his supervisor, who was "in a meeting" LOL.


So i did just read the terms of the extended warranty, and it does seem they can do what they want at "their discretion"


And probably feel like im going to get the same wrote answers for supervisor. 


But i feel swindled, the original sales person sold me on the extended warranty, leading me to believe that if anything happened in those 5 years i would get an as good or, if technology improves, better tv.

I Was not expecting after paying $400 for an extended warranty to be in a position of paying out another $300 to $500 for a comparable TV, and thats without a $420 warranty.


Was this just a lesson learned about reading the small print?


That dont take a sales persons pitch as the truth?


That i shouldnt pay top dollar for the best TV at any moment?


Dont buy extended warranties from Best Buy as technology will outpace cost?


Do i have any other recourse?



Anyway, thats the rant, and im pretty sure they wont budge, and in the scheme of things theres much more to worry about, but i definitley will rethink ever buying high end electronics from BB again.






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Re: Dissatisfied. TV replace/ warranty

Quick follow up,


No longer dissatisfied.


Exchange manager i spoke with, decided to credit me with full purchase price of my original TV, so i could put that towards and OLED.