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Dissatisfied Customer

Upon delivery of a replacement refrigerator, it became apparent within the 1st hour that the refrigerator was not fuctioning. I called both the delivery men and the company who orchestrates Best Buy's deliveries right away.  I asked them to come back with my old fridge.  (I had a phone number and extension since the delivery men had called while they were still here to complain about a blemish.)After talking to the rep and her manager, it was determined that it was "too inconvenient" to return.  I was told they would "expedite the matter" as I was leaving for vacation in 2 days with no fridge.  After many failed promises of calling back, rude interacations over the phone, no one seemed concerned that I had no refridgerator, no one came through.  The best the store could do was offer a floor model...BUT I would have to remove it from the store with my own vehicle/truck! I lost $349 of food and Best Buy would only reimburse $200.  It was wierd that they had me use a geek squad claim from my former fridge (SDAM) to submit the claim.  (We did not have Geek Squad yet on 2nd fridge, and we technically didn't use it on the 1st as it was deemed a manufacture warrenty coverage) I was reassured multiple times that my Customer Service Rep at the store would contact Corporate for the remaining balance of $149 or that corporate would call me.  Well, that never happened as they she said Corporate was giving her a hard time.  I was given a # to call myself 1-888-237-8289.  THIS IS NOT is a call center and if you have an issue like mine, they cannot help/will not help you. Unfortunately it took the 3rd person on the phone after two rude hangups/disconnects to admit that to me. IF YOU TRULY HAVE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE, no one from corporate takes responsibility.  I cannot find a # for the corporate office anywhere...

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Re: Dissatisfied Customer

Hey AngelaLynnEmerson,


I am sorry that this refrigerator was found to be defective right-away, and because of this $349 in food spoiled. I also thank you for reaching out to us here, and will do my best to get this resolved for you. I can say that our Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plans will reimburse a customer for any spoiled food if the item they cover becomes defective, but it will only reimburse a customer up to $200.


I can say that there is a direct number to our corporate headquarters, but this number goes to a switchboard operator who would then transfer you back to the call centers that support 1-888-237-8289.Outside of my department most of the employees here at our Corporate headquarters are not customer facing employees. I would like to see if there is something additional we can offer that might resolve this, and I am sending you a private message with more details. To check your messages log into the forum, and then click on the letter icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



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