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Dissatisfaction with your service in hopes you can help remedy the situation.

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Product: Hp Spectre 13 inch convertible
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Dear Geek Squad Manager,
I was excited to purchase product and extended service warranty for laptop from Best Buy, but my experience has turned out very poorly. I'm writing to express my dissatisfaction with your service in hopes you can help remedy the situation.
I was at Best Buy Store (near Metropolis Mall, Metro town Station) on March 02, 2019; Saturday morning. As i had issues with charging port which Geek Squad team couldn't resolve and prepared a Job Sheet and stated clearly Geek Squad team will ship to depot on Monday i.e March 04, 2019 because of weekend. In addition, they also said "if there is any major problem in your laptop, we will replace the laptop and transfer the warranty to new one after getting confirmation from HP. Estimated time will be around 1-4 weeks but i'll prioritize the laptop repair for you.
After visiting four times at Best Buy store in-person from March 02-15th, I did not got any update about my laptop. The only answer i received every time was "its under process, we haven't got any update from Hp team, they are working on it and it may take around four weeks might be because of bigger parts availability which Hp team has to order it".
I contacted Hp Support, spoke with Mathews (Hp Customer Care). He helped me with the entire process and contacted Best Buy Geek Squad team for CSR number so that he can view the details. At first Geek Squad team denied stating that they were unable to pull the CSR number after taking my contact details. However, Mathews tried to get the CSR number from the Geek Squad team as i was on a conference call with Mathews (Hp) and Geek Squad team. 
My concern is
1. Why was it shipped on March 09th instead of March 04th, 2019
2. Why does Geek Squad team takes up-to four weeks when Hp supports takes only two weeks
3. Why there wasn't any update from Geek Squad team whenever i called or visited in-person at store; which was easily available from Hp support
4. "If its Major part issue, we will replace your laptop with new one and transfer the warranty on new one". Does it takes 10-12 days for Geek Squad team to understand and analyze which part has damaged/ needs to be repaired/replaced
5. Hp Support gave me the exact date i.e. on or before March 22nd, 2019. Why can't Geek Squad team give me exact date or confirmation like Hp support.
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Re: Dissatisfaction with your service in hopes you can help remedy the situation.

Hey, Vsangoi,


Welcome to our forums. We always love new members, however, I do wish it was under better circumstances. Having a functioning laptop is so important. It sounds like there may have been some confusion around our repair process, and Geek Squad Protection. We would love to clarify whatever we're able. 


When a computer is brought into one of our stores, we will first perform a diagnosis. If the repair can be performed in-store, we're glad to do so, and you'll usually have your computer back in a few days. If the repair cannot be completed in store, we must ship your computer to our repair facility. This process does take some time, and this is most likely the 1-4 weeks that you were quoted originally. 


The exact details of how long a repair takes, how long parts take, and when a laptop may be replaced instead of repaired can vary based on a multitude of factors. If you have not already, I would encourage you to take a look at our Geek Squad Protection Terms & Conditions.


I do apologize that you have not been updated regularly during this repair process. In regards to future updates, I would encourage you to keep an eye on your email, or use this link to track your repair. If you have additional questions about your repair specifically, please utilize the button in my signature to send us a Private Message. Please be sure to include your service order number, as well as the full name, email address, and phone number used. 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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