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Dissapointed Customer. Computer purchase.

I purchased a CyperPowerPC pre-built gaming deskstop for myself for my birthday on 2/26. I purchased it through, a story I trust, for delivery for my local store.


Serveral days early I received notice my order was ready for pickup on 3/4. I picked it up, got it home and hooked it up. I was really happy and impressed with the system and it ran great for 5 days.


The 6th day, today 3/10, I started having issues with the video card. The system was restarting and the video card was listed in the device manager as stopped for error 43. Rebooting fixed the issue but the problems continued. At one point had black screens, another black screens with numerous little green dots and at one point the card was gone completely from the Device Manager and Windows Display Adapter was listed. Any load on the video card, starting a game or running an intensive program, would cause the computer to restart.


Being brand new I was leery of doing anything much past running all updates and updating to the lastest gpu driver before contacting support.


With the problems continued I finally contacted Best Buy support and explained the issue. I was provided a link and was told this would be me in touch with a member of the Geek Squad who would remote link to my pc and should be able to get the problem sorted.


Clicked the link and was shortly connected to someone. I explained the issue and after answering a few questionis was informed that it would need to be taken into the store to be looked at. I asked if it would be just a drop off or an appointment. I did not get a response after 5-10 minutes so I tried calling the store but was on hold with the available appointment times closing.


Due to medical issues and the current situation I had a family member drop the pc off for me. Figuring it would take some time to diagnose the problem. Instead I receive a call that you basically aren't allowed / can't work on hardware.

I was offered an exchange for the same system but with a wait time of 5-6 days. Which I agreed to. Then I was told after that it was not in stock and if I wanted to change for another system, but from what I an tell there wasn't anything else compareable in stock. FInally I was offered a refund.


I understand that perhaps being a CyberPowerPC there could be issues but could it not be sent to them to be looked at. If I had known that nothing would be done I would have done more trouble shooting to confirm the card was bad, and it was power issues etc.


I am left feeling very disappointment and felt i was not dealt with straight from the beggining and with no other systems available from Best Buy, worse than I was before buying the system for the loss of time and expense in picking up and returning an item was only 6 days used. For the money I spent I wish I had been given better offers in dealing with the situation, and at least some minimal effort in rectifying the issue. Brand new, expensive item going bad in 6 days. I am happy least I received a refund, though I did waste my Birthday Discount. 


Also, I left an initial review of the transaction with Best Buy and CyberPowerPC and my initial impressions of the machine, but now cannot revise it to reflect the negative experience. I am sad to say I thought dealing with a local Best Buy would be a better experience but have had better experiences with situations dealing with Amazon, even



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Re: Dissapointed Customer. Computer purchase.

I know it must sound frustrating to say the least to have no replacement options available. However the manufacturer would be the one to replace any parts under warranty if they are defective. Some companies will ship a replacement card and have you deliver the defective one back to them with a prepaid label. If it's the motherboard you may be able to send the unit in for repair. Some companies will ask you to pay the cost of shipping and they pay the return back to you. Warranty service has evolved over the years so maybe you may have better luck on these claims than many years ago if you were in a similar situation.


While Geek Squad can work on computers they can't repair the graphics card. They can, however put in another one if you purchased it. Or if Best Buy is an authorized repair center for your unit, you may have it repaired under warranty with authorization from the manufacturer. This all depends on a series of things.

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Re: Dissapointed Customer. Computer purchase.

I an understand that but I wasn't even told that I could go to through CyberPowerPc or EVGA, who I have since confirmed would do an advanced RMA.

Instead of was told click link for remote access repair. Then told I HAD to take to the store. To be told they can't work on it. Why was I not told this previously or any mention of the other options other than new machines which wasn't available, or a different one which was available. Then told the only option was a refund.

Is there any way to get the system back, or is the return final?
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Re: Dissapointed Customer. Computer purchase.

Good morning, WickedZen,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums. Getting a new gaming PC should be an exciting event, especially for your birthday! I appreciate you letting us know about your experience about this purchase and would be glad to help answer your questions.


Generally, most of the products we sell offer a one year manufacturers warranty. This is usually fulfilled directly by the manufacturer and we would not be able to provide specific details on how each different warranty may be fulfilled.


Based on your message, it sounds like repairing this PC was not possible and a replacement was out of stock so a return was processed. Is that correct? While I can absolutely understand wanting to review the original computer you purchased, we would be unable to process an exchange for a product that was not in stock.


Once a return or exchange we are unable to reverse this transaction or give you back the returned item. I hope I was able to provide some clarification, but please don't hesitate to let me know if you have more questions!

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