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Disrespectful, rude representative to top off disappointing geek squad experience

I brought my fully functioning iphone in to the Best Buy in Mountain View, CA to have the screen replaced. I selected Best Buy rather than Apple because I was able to get an earlier appointment at Best Buy; I would live to seriously regret this decision. I dropped the phone off, and the agent available told me the only issue was with the screen, i.e. the phone was functioning fully. She was great! Really nice, funny, and courteous.


Later in the day, I received a call that something had gone wrong with the repair. I went back in to make sure the phone had been backed up properly (it hadn't, this was my bad) and backed up the phone. Once again, everyone was nice and apologetic, and I understand that these things happen. I then went back home. I then received a call from a different agent (this was a man named Paul) telling me that my phone was no longer functioning and that it would be replaced. Furthermore, it would be two days (as they didn't have any in stock) before I got my phone back and there was no option to have a loaner. He did not apologize for this. I understand that mistakes happen and that the screen replacement is a tricky procedure, but I expected a same day repair. Not having a replacement within the promised timeframe was disappointing.


The next day I found out that I would be leaving the country a day earlier than originally planned. I was extremely stressed, as I did not have a phone and would be going to a relatively dangerous part of the world. I called Best Buy and after multiple phone calls and half of my day eaten up, they reluctantly gave me a loaner phone for the week. I don't know why this isn't common practice if the screen repair is screwed up so frequently, but it didn't matter to me, I was mostly satisfied.


I returned to swap out the loaner phone with my phone today, and I ended up waiting almost an hour in the store for reasons that were not explained to me. The customer service representatives were apologetic, but Paul was rude once again. He talked down to me, explaining to me how to use my own phone. I was annoyed but not super angered by this. Finally, my phone was ready. I had to miss an appointment because this took much longer than I thought it would, and I had no way of notifying anyone because I didn't have a phone.


A customer service representative brought my phone out to me, but it turned out that she brought out the wrong device by mistake. Paul came over and began berating her for bringing me the wrong device. She appeared flustered but defeated, and I realized that this happened frequently. She had a few more questions for him regarding forms that I needed to sign and each time he was extremely disrespectful to her when she asked. We exchanged a few knowing looks. I felt really bad for her, this was the last straw for me.


In the end, I had a horrible experience getting my screen repaired. I spent hours at Best Buy, in the store and on the phone, was put in a very stressful situation because of my decision to patronize Best Buy, and was treated rudely by one representative in particular. His conduct with the other employees was shocking and unprofessional. I wanted to report this to Best Buy because I hate to see people treated this way, and I wanted to make this information available. I am also upset that this experience cost me $150 on top of my time that was required and find this to be unfair; please let me know if there is anything that can be done to remedy this.

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Re: Disrespectful, rude representative to top off disappointing geek squad experience

Good afternoon, sdfkldsjfida,


This certainly doesn’t sound like the type of customer service that we strive for and if you ever see anything short of the expert service we hope to give everyone, you bet we want to know about it!  Thank you for taking the time to register with the Best Buy forums to share!


Having worked in many locations across the country, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing Agents who really care about helping our customers, and they should certainly be making their employee relations respectful as well.  Although I’d be unable to disclose any internal actions that may or may not be taken, I’m thankful you registered with the forums to let us know!


All of the moderators on this site work out of the Corporate Headquarters in Richfield, MN, and we can only hope to improve by listening to our customers!  Now that you’ve joined the community, please always feel welcome to write back to us!

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