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Dishwasher leaking

I purchased a GE dishwasher and had installed in April 2019.  I woke up this morning and walked across my tiled kitchen floor only to hear a squishy sound with water oozing up through the grout.  The water damage is widespread and covers a good portion of my kitchen floor.  I checked under the kitchen sink and it is completely dry.  I did run my dishwasher yesterday and thus thinking it is related.  I called the Geek Squad first this this morning- HORRIBLE customer service!  The earliest someone could be scheduled to come out is next is Thursday and totally UNACCEPTABLE.  When I asked to speak with the CS rep's supervisor, I was told that this is all they can do and would take my number to have someone call me back.  NO.  I asked the rep once again to transfer me to his supervisor and he refused and transferred back to the main menu at which time my call was disconnected.  I have water damage to my floor and who knows how extensive the water has traveled behind the cabinets, walls, etc. that I cannot see with my eyes or easily access.  I filed a claim which was 39 minutes of pure HELL as the rep was difficult to understand.  The person sounded as though they had a bag of marbles in their mouth.  What I did eventually get was a claim number and number to call Sedgwick to check on status.  I was told that an insurance adjuster would call me in 24-48 hours.  Again, this is water damage seeping up from my tiled floors.  I called a plumber who can come out first thing Friday morning.  Besides photos, an assessment and itemized list of the damages caused by water what more do I need for my claim?  I should NOT be out of pocket for a plumber to come out for my water leak that appears to be related to a new appliance.