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Dishwasher Issue - Frustrated with Geek Squad

I have been having a frustrating experience with Geek Squad on my purchase of Bosch Dishwasher.

This diswasher wouldn't clean properly and geek squad tech came twice without satisfactorily resolving the issue. Thereafter, a service request was created to get some part ordered and replaced from Bosch. Now it has been almost a month since this request was created and there is no sign of geek squad callign back even after promising to do so. Nor there is any ETA on when the part will arrive and get installed. I have been without a working dishwasher for 2 months now and no sign of getting this resolved. Seems I made a mistake getting the applicance from BestBuy and geeksquad warranty on top of it. Absolutely not the kind of serivce I had expected.