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Disconnection Between Best Buy Stores & HQ

I am writing this because of the mixed support/lack of customer service that I received from Best Buy (at the store and through the phone). My Samsung Galaxy Watch (2018 model) stopped working in early March and luckily it was still under the 2 year Best Buy Geek Squad protection plan. I was peeved because this was the 2nd time that a Samsung Galaxy Watch had malfunctioned (and I didn't wear it out since the 2020 pandemic had me virtually grounded for a year, but that is another story for another day). On 3/10/2021, I went to my local Best Buy (on Howard Street in Evanston, IL) and one of the managers, Darren helped me order a new one and told me that because the protection plan was on an older model, I would get reimbursed the difference back to my credit card. The only issue was that I no longer had the card that they had on record. Once I realized that the card they had on file was no longer active, I called Best Buy's customer support line the same day and they assured me that the reimbursement could take 3-7 business days to appear on my credit card. When I told them that I no longer had the card, they did not seem concerned and reassured me that the money would still appear on my card. So I waited. Fast forward a couple of weeks and nothing yet on my card so I called back a few times and one time (the messages I received varied) they told me that it could take up to a month for the reimbursement to show up. I didn't buy it, but I waited. Finally on 4/10/2021, I called again and this time I spoke to a number of representatives who had no idea what was going on. After an hour of being transferred between departments, some of which were condescending and accusatory in tone (in particular a Primary Support agent named Felix who told me I should not have been transferred to his department, said his colleague must be new and doesn’t know what she was doing, and then proceeded to tell me that I was disorganized and was confusing the other agents. When I told him not to speak to me like that, he abruptly transferred me. Luckily, he did transfer me to someone who was finally honest and told me that the reimbursement was not processed. All she could see in the notes was that I was informed of the length of time that refunds could take. I was then transferred to the Purchasing department who after some back and forth between her supervisor told me that my price match request was denied. I told her that I had never requested a price match request, it was their representatives who informed me that because of the price difference, I would receive a refund since the product that I purchased was lower in price. She then told me that I could speak to the store that I made the purchase at since they would not honor my “request”. I then promptly went to the store and after speaking to some of their managers, Richard and Ari, who also did not follow through on my inquiry, I was able to talk to Darren who was able to investigate and get Best Buy to send me a check for the reimbursement (thank you!).


This is a long post and it is so because of the disregard for a customer (and investor) that Best Buy reps have displayed. This is not the first time that Best Buy agents have been disrespectful through the phone and dismissive of customer’s legitimate complaints. I have been a loyal customer since the 90’s, purchasing everything electronic from computers, game consoles, televisions, and other household appliances. In the past, agents would thank me for being a Best Buy elite member and now I just got the run around and disrespected like that? I calculated that I spent at least 5 hours on the phone with Best Buy because Best Buy reps weren't diligent enough to be honest with me or figure out what was going on. Your code of ethics talks about how customers are at the center of everything you do and how it is important to use good judgement, act with integrity and honesty, but these are clear examples of when your agents failed to do so. Only a couple were honest with me and most seemed to just tell me to wait and promise something that was never going to occur until I went in and talked to numerous people face to face. This is not a good look for a major retailer and something that customers are noticing. Glad your in store people finally got it together, but after some trauma, I'm considering taking my money elsewhere. I'd like to stick around and stay a loyal customer, but this experience and others that I didn't even bother to post about have me thinking. 

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Re: Disconnection Between Best Buy Stores & HQ

Hello, JValencia!


Thank you for joining our online community and posting about your experience. I'm glad you found our forum space and shared these details, as it's important we hear about interactions like this occurring so we can try to improve our services. I hate to hear about the runaround and misinformation you were given, as that is far from the level of support we'd expect you to receive. While I'm glad to hear employees in-store were able to assist with your refund, I understand it should not have taken that much time and energy on your part to receive your check. 


That said, I'd like the chance to formally document your experience and provide any additional support in the matter that I can now. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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