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Disappointing resolve

We have purchased 4 out of our 5 Macbook Pros, 2 iPads, several cell phones, several tv's, laptops, and desktops, as well as other appliances, vaccums and electronics from our local Best Buy store in Boardman, Ohio over the years.  I guess you could say they are our vendor of choice for electronics.  My complaint is that the 3rd Macbook Pro we purchased was on August 8, 2015 for our third daughter as a gift to use for college as she was an incoming freshman.  Last summer in 2017 the laptop kept freezing up and ran extremely slow for months and she was in telephone and email correspondence with Apple Care to try to resolve the issue.  We dealt with at least 6 senior apple care advisors who all mentioned that the computer was kind of old and outdated (even though it was only purchased in 2015 as new from Best Buy, and they said most computers last 5 to 6 years before being outdated).  We finally had to go to Best Buy a few weeks ago and buy an external hard drive to back up all of her college projects and other data, so that Apple Care could guide us through a removal and reinstallation of the OS.  Her memory was fine, and there was no damage nor other issues with the computer, just painfully slow performance (for instance if you clicked on Safari, it would take several minutes to load).  The Apple advisors we spoke with all questioned how we could have been sold a 3 year old computer which was produced in 2012 to us as new in August of 2015.  We have a copy of the receipt and verified serial number to illustrate this.  Curiously, our first purchased Macbook for our oldest daughter from Best Buy in the summer of 2012 had just bit the dust a few months ago as well, and after two purchased and failed external hard drives, we had to buy a new one for her (once again at Best Buy).   Apple sent info to their engineers, and could not solve the issue and the Apple Care Senior Technicians basically kept saying the Macbook was 6 years old and that was the main issue.  At least 2 of them suggested we take the issue up with Best Buy as they said they would never have had a 3 year old product available for sale and that it would have been sent back to them due to being old product well before being sold to us.  We went to the local store and spoke with the General Manager (was told over the phone his name was Buddy Wilfong (but didn't verify) and he said the best he could do was give us just under $200 for my daughter's laptop as trade-in (and kept mentioning it was old... ) and maybe work with us on an open box computer on price (the only thing south of $1,000 was an open 2-yr. old 12" Mac with no charging cord for $998 which was used as a demo model and told was kept on for 2 years in the store so lifespan was very questionable).  That was not acceptable to us, so the other alternative was chosen by us which was purchasing 8 GB of RAM which he discounted to $64 and a new internal solid state hard drive for $85 for a total of $160 with tax). I feel this was a poor resolution to the issue, as we had no idea we were being sold a 3 year old laptop as brand new in 2015 and feel it was misleading to us as consumers.  Knowing a laptop has about a 5-6 year lifespan, we wouldnt have chosen to purchase an old model that might not make it through my daughter's 4 years of college.  I feel we should have been given a more accommodating solution to all of this and am very disspointed in this manager's flimsy offer to resolve the issue.  He seemed unsympathetic to the overall broad picture of what we (and the Apple Representatives) feel was an improper sale to begin with, as it was not really a "new" computer we were sold in terms of production age.  

Hoping someone beyond the local level will reach out to me concerning this. 


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Re: Disappointing resolve

Regarding the 2012 macbook pro. Apple uses the year as a model identifyer. They sold the mid 2012 macbook pro regular screen from 2012-2016. You could easily have bough a new "mid 2012" model macbook pro in 2015 because they didn't replace that model until 2016. It's still a new mac, but because of apples deceptive marketing it was designed in 2012 and will soon stop receiving os updates. Not best buys fault, it's how Apple products work.
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Re: Disappointing resolve

Sounds like the old MD101LL/A, despite the introduction of Retina displays and major improvements is CPU and GPU this model was kept around without a Retina display because of 1 was the last MacBook with an internal DVD drive. Each time a new version of MacOS would come out, they would update the pictures on the box to show it with that new operating system but the machine was the same.
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Re: Disappointing resolve



So that I can provide you with a more accurate response, do you happen to have the model number of the MacBook you purchased? While the Mac may have been purchased in 2015, as previously mentioned in this same post, there was one model sold by Apple that sold for about 4 to 5 years. That said, that still wouldn't change when it was manufactured and while the original release may have been 2012, the item is handled by the date it was manufactured and subsequently sold. 


Nonetheless, I'll await your response in the meantime so I can dig into this more and see if there's any assistance we can provide.

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