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I bought my LG fridge in 2016 suddenly it stopped working I called pacific 

Sales so they got me in contact with warrantech that was almost a week and hAlf ago until one of the affiliate company working with them took almost a week to make an appointment so the ghentleman comes to say the refrigerator needs 3 different partS but can’t make any order until warrantech gives them and ok now

almost 2 weeks without a fridge and the warrantech didn’t give them the ok and I have no fridge and I have small children so i

feel from pacific sales to warrantech all giving me the runaround and nothing getting done what am I to do I mnever thought I have to

deal with this service especially from Best Buy if I dealt with other companies they would

try there best to make their costumers happy i

 know not to refer deal with them again by the way my fridge had 2 big cracks on each side of the freezer from inside . 


I hope aomeone out there has any idea of what’s going on 

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Re: Disappointed

Hi there, Amooranana.


Thank you for connecting with us here on the forum. If I'm being honest, I underestimated the importance of my refrigerator until it stopped working suddenly last year. I recall how much of a panic I was in when I opened the door and didn't feel the normal rush of cool air that I was accustomed to. Like you, I wanted it fixed right away, and I am disappointed to hear things haven't been moving as quickly as you'd hoped.


With apologies, Warrantech issues are a bit out our scope of things we can directly assist with. I'd have to recommend getting in touch with them directly to discuss your situation in more detail. You can reach them by phone at (800) 342-5349. 


I regret I don't have better news to share with you, but I hope this helps. Please know I'm grateful you took the time to write to us with your concerns.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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