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Disappointed multiplied by 4

I just returned from my fourth visit to Best Buy since before the Christmas Holiday and my computer is still not fixed.  Purchasing from Best Buy for over two decades and having used the Geek Squad to repair computers and calibratie televisions in the past, my family didn't think twice that the Geek Squad was the way to go with what appeared to be a virus that was downloaded from my eight year old.  I am confident that he would be back to using the computer had the screen not been broken during its shipment to Kentucky. 


After the fist set of calls that our computer had been fixed, I went to the store only to wait over 45 minutes until it was located.  Not having additional time for an appointment that day, I brought the computer home and plugged it in.  I logged into the computer but within a few moments realized that something was wrong with the touch screen.  There were "ghost touches" on the screen and the mouse didn't seem to connect..  Upon looking through the folder that came back with the computer I discovered that the screen had been broken during transit and replaced.  This was never mentioned when I picked it up. 


So back to the store we go and drop the computer off for a second time.  At best, I would describe the team working there as confused.  They offered theories that the repairs were not complete and that we should not have been called.  We were told that protocol wasn't followed and that someone at the store should have checked that the computer was in working order before we were told it was ready.  Okay, no worries, in a perfect world we would have checked it out before we brought it home the first time.  It will be fixed.


A couple weeks later we get another call that the computer is ready to be picked up.  We go to the store and schedule an appointment to make sure the computer is working order except it again is not working.  We are back to the same issues with the screen.  In the meantime, my son is working off an old laptop for his online tutoring, not ideal at all.  Again we are told that protocol wasn't followed and that the computer should have been checked out at the store before we were called.  The manager comes out to talk to us and personally says that he will check the computer and offers to have the computer mailed to us when it is fixed but recommends that it is returned to the store so he can personally again check the computer.  Again, this solution was not ideal for us.  A fourth visit to the Geek Squad, more time without our computer.  I tried to reason with the manager that this seemed like an insurance issue between Best Buy and their transit vendor.  The screen was not broken when we dropped the computer off.  There was never an issue with the touch screen before it was broken.  I felt defeated and that there was no other option but to try this again.


Fast forward to today, two months from the original drop off and our fourth visit to the Geek Squad.  The computer was plugged and the team member started to test the touch screen in front of us.  At first one side worked fine, but the other side was unresponsive and eventually the "ghost touches" were all over the screen as they were weeks prior.  It appears that the protocol of checking that the computer was in working order before the customer was called wasn't followed yet again.  We asked to see the manager in charge who repeated the same thing that we were told previously.  The computer would need to be shipped out for repairs.  


At this point we said we did not want to take the computer back as we had no confidence that it would be repaired.  We requested that the computer be replaced due to the damage that occured while the computer was under Best Buy's control.  The manager agreed that there was insurance between Best Buy and the transit vendor so I don't understand the issue with replacing the computer at this point after Best Buy had several opportunities to fix it.  


I am completely disappointed with the lack of coordination, with how easliy management through their subordinates under the bus each time we came to pick up the computer, the simple waste of time, and the feeling that management's job was just to make us go away.  Best Buy, you need to make this right.

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Re: Disappointed multiplied by 4

Hello, Bradford01835,

Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for the poor experience you’ve had with your recent service with us. As a former Geek Squad Agent, I’m very disappointed that we haven’t been able to get that computer working.

I’d like to take a look into this for you. Please send me a private message, through the link in my signature below this post. Your name, email address, phone number, and the service order numbers should give me enough information to get started.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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