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Disappointed in Replacement



I wanted to contact you about an experience I just encountered. I had my Acer Nitro 5 sent in for repairs weeks ago due ot spill damage, and they could not fix it. That being said, I did go to the store to get a replacement. However, the exact model is no longer sold, so I got the "value" of the laptop back on a card and bought another. The unfortunate problem is that my new laptop doesn't do everything I wanted it to - juggle school work and be able to play games. I'm mostly disappointed becasue when I went to the best buy website, I did find the very same laptop that needed replaced, just in a different color. That was never an option for replacement though. Now I feel as though I'm stuck with this one when I should have been able to have the one I originally had. I'm incredibly disappointed. 



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Re: Disappointed in Replacement

Hey, Rollkur,


Thanks for taking the time to join our forums and share the details of your recent Geek Squad experience. I am very glad to hear that your laptop was able to be replaced when it could not be repaired. I can imagine it was worrying when your laptop endured spill damage. 


While generally we do try to repair a damaged computer, there is a variety of ways that Geek Squad Protection can be fulfilled. I'm sorry that the way your Geek Squad Protection was fulfilled was not ideal. If you have any questions on your Geek Squad Protection, we would encourage you to take a look at the Geek Squad Protection Terms & Conditions. If you have additional questions about your specific case, please don't hesitate to send us a Private Message. 

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Re: Disappointed in Replacement

If the laptop you purchased with the card is still in the 14 day return period I'm pretty sure you can return it and purchase another.
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Re: Disappointed in Replacement



So yes. I might just have to do that, because it seems as though everytime I answer a Skype call, it crashes and I lose half of the document that I was working on Smiley Happy)))) I'm honestly more irked that a different color of the SAME SPECS is considered a completely different model, so now I have a computer that is rather uncomparable to my old one. But whatever, I will NOT buy another laptop from this place again.




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Re: Disappointed in Replacement

Hi, Rollkur,


I'm sorry to hear that the computer you got isn't working properly. Losing work you've done is always a terrible feeling.


As we discussed, you should be able to return that computer within 15 days under our Return & Exchange Promise. If there's another model you want that's more expensive you should be able to pay the difference. 


I hope you're able to find something that works for you.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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