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Diagnostic timeline

I called Geek squad and explained my issue (added new wifi card and built in Asus surge protection trips). Not sure that issue was fully understood by phone agents because when I came in to drop off computer, it was immediately assumed that there was a 90% chance of data loss.

The main issue is that NOBODY provided a timeline estimate for the diagnosis. I had expected to drop off the computer and come back a few hours later and either take it home or decide to leave it for repair.

Store agent tells me that I have to leave my computer for 2-3 days. Seems more like they're looking at this as an actual surge that wiped out my hard drive and they are trying to see what's recoverable.

I had specifically asked if I needed to turn the built in surge protection back on (I figured out how to turn it off, and that seemed to be recommended even from Asus). I mean I guess I could have tried some troubleshooting on my own.

Does it really take 2-3 days to determine if there's an issue with the PSU? Does it take 2-3 days to simply turn the surge protection back on and boot up the computer? What about taking the new hardware out and booting up the computer? Checking for a BIOS update?

I can understand 2-3 days for data backup and restore, but I don't think it's at that point yet. Basically just wondering why it wasn't thought to inform me when I called in the appointment request that I may have to leave the computer for a few days.
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Re: Diagnostic timeline

I would assume that your not Thier only customer and the store knows how far behind they are. Where as the people on the phone are not even in this country and have more then likely never set foot in a bestbuy....