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Desperately seeking help

I write this with a heavy heart; sad that such a reputable company has caused such angst even when i thought i did the responsible thing by purchasing a geek squad protection plan. In 2019 i purchased all my new home's appliances with best buy; protection plans included. I bought all LG products that i haven't had issues with before but my dishwasher was temperamental after about 1 yr. My calls started in 2020 & since then to April 2022 (when it expired), I've had about a dozen or so service call appts for my dishwasher. I always reported as the same issue but here i am, at the expiration of my plan, to learn that all this times i called in they didn't record it for the same problem & even some appts that i had weren't recorded as individuals but reschedules. This is important to those that don't know because what geek squad neglects to tell you at protection purchase plan is that if you don't have at least 3 svc appts w/ no resolution in the time of your plan - even if your unit ultimately still doesn't work - they won't replace it since it didn't meet that threshold of 3. I lost count the amt of times the same tech, mind you, came to my house to drag his feet on a resolution all the way until my plan expired & it was "out of his hands". Ignored my calls/ texts - after harassing the svc line, i finally got his 2 mgr #s - who later also stopped calling me back. Here i am w/ no dishwasher - after spending $ on a plan, brand new appliance, countless stressful situations..... everyone knows after a long day with little kids last thing you want to do is dishes. That put personal piece doesn't matter though because others have it much worse but point is that best buy didn't live up to their end & they not only sold me a lemon but manipulated my tickets so they wouldn't have to replace my unit. I'm disgusted with not only their dishonesty, lack of integrity but despicable customer svc. This experience caused me extreme stress & lack of financial; forgot to mention the amt of times i had to take off of work for them to "svc" when nothing was solved at end of day. DO NOT BUY THEIR PLANS & PURCHASE APPLIANCES AT YOUR OWN RISK. their text even admitted to me that he had endless tickets from others with same model & that LG documented issue but best buy continued to question me/ send techs out for a known issue by the brand. DISGUSTING.
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Re: Desperately seeking help

Welcome to the Community Forums Henao98! We are happy to have you join us!


While this certainly does sound frustrating. I would be more than happy to help anyway I can. 


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.





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