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Defective television

We purchased a Samsung series 6 TV 3 months ago . It is now stuck in permanent reboot . We feel it should just be replaced rather than having to go through the pains of a repair and run the risk of always having issues .
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Re: Defective television

If the television is 3 months old, you’ll undoubtedly be outside of the return and exchange promise. What happens next depends on whether you purchased our Geek Squad Protection or opted to stick solely with the manufacturer’s warranty. Under our Geek Squad Protection, the no-lemon policy would protect you from having multiple repairs however with the manufacturer’s warranty there is no specific stipulation. In either case, repair will be the first option both would take, and while you may call Geek Squad to have the repair work performed it may be advisable to reach out to Samsung directly if you do not have Geek Squad Protection. They are the administrators of the manufacturer’s warranty, Best Buy will not have any say in whether or not they replace the television.
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