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Damaged Dryer

I purchased a dryer back in November of 2020.  After receiving the dryer and installing it everything appeared to be fine.  After several uses my wife was stating how it took multiple cycles to get clothes dry.  We just assumed that was how this dryer operated unfortunately.  She also started noticing some holes in clothes.  This started happening more and more.  I inspected the dryer recently and it appears the drum is not sitting right in the dryer leaving a gap where clothes can get caught and I assume heat can escape explaining both of our issues.  Inspecting further I noticed that the outside as several dented areas on the sides likely warping the dryer which is why the drum will not sit right.  Unfortunately I did not notice this damage earlier as it is not really obvious when looking at the dryer head-on.  I know it is out of the damage claim portion of the purchase warranty, but is there any recourse or exception that can be made?  The dryer has been in the same room it was delivered too and unboxed in since delivery.  This must have been damaged during shipment somewhere along the line.  Please assist in any way possible!  This was a purchase of over $800 and now we may be stuck repairing out of pocket!

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Re: Damaged Dryer

Hi, Seansel,


I can put myself in your shoes, and honestly say I would be reaching out to see what was possible too. It is correct that the item would’ve needed to have been returned or exchanged 15 days from the date it was delivered, if you wanted us to exchange the unit.


From reading your post it feels like there two distinct concerns here. The first is it sounds like the drum is not sitting correctly inside the unit, and that would seem to me to be a defect that should be covered by the manufacturer of the unit. I would contact the manufacturer to set up service under their warranty, in order to make sure the unit is functioning as it should be.


The second is the claimed damage to the outside of the dryer. Damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and we would not be able to address the claimed damaged to the unit. The repair of this claimed damage to the dryer will be at cost to you. Let me know how it goes when you contact the manufacturer to set up service on the unit.



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