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Customer complaint

To whom it may concern,


I have been a loyal customer of best buy for years.  I have purchased many items from electronics to appliances.  Over the past 2 years I have purchased 3 separate laptops from Best Buy for my family.  Over the years I have been satisfied with my buying experience, the friendliness of the staff and products.  


However, as I am writing this email I am extremely disappointed at the treatment that I received over the past few weeks.  In August of 2020, I purchased a laptop for my daughter going off to college from the Willow Grove, Pa. Best Buy.  I was greatly encouraged to purchase the 3-year geek squad protection plan from Best Buy staff.  As a result, I decided to purchase the protection plan for peace of mind.  I did not want my daughter to have to deal with any computer issues during her freshman year at college while she was over 3 hours away from home.  With that said, there were technical problems with the laptop recently.  My daughter had the laptop dropped off at the Best Buy in Muncy, Pa. for assistance as it was near her college.  She was told she would have to leave the laptop to have them work on it.  The laptop was left on 3/20/21.  Approximately 9 days later a call and voicemail message indicating that the laptop was a "Junk out" as it was not "financially worth it for best buy to repair the device".  The message indicated he would be given Best Buy credit for the original purchase prices (approximately $610.00).  The message indicated to call back and speak to the geek squad department to address any questions.  When I looked on-line I found that a comparable device at the same price point was not available at the Muncy, Pa. store.  However, I did find other alternatives within the same price point at other Best Buy stores.  I did not feel comfortable having my 18 year old daughter going to the Muncy, Pa. store in person and attempting to get this resolved.  Not to mention that during this same time she was asked to not leave her college campus due to covid concerns.  As a father having my daughter without her computer in college for that long was completely unacceptable.  She was upset about not having a computer.  This was the exact reason for the protection plan.  Between Saturday 4/3/21 and Monday 4/7/21 I called the Best Buy in Muncy, Pa. numerous times.  Attempting to navigate the computer system was impossible as I was unable to leave a message or speak to a live person.  I later learned that no live person answers the phone at this store or any Best Buy store currently per Best Buy staff. I also called the Willow Grove, Pa. Best Buy numerous times since I purchased the laptop there and I was not able to speak to a live person.  I found this unacceptable- especially when I am a customer with a protection plan. I then visited the Best Buy store in Willow Grove, Pa. on Monday 4/7/21 to address the issue as I purchased the laptop there and the protection plan.  At this store, I asked to speak to a manager.  Oscar approached me and told me that he was the manager.  I explained the situation and he informed me that none of the Best Buy stores had people answering the phones at any of their stores.  This is amazing to me for such a large chain.  After I explained the situation I stated that I wanted to purchase a new laptop at the Willow Grove store with the store credit from the junk out  and have it sent to my daughter.  He informed me that since the "junk out" was decided by the Muncy, Pa. Best Buy store that the only way to get a laptop would be to go to Muncy, Pa.  This is over 3 hours away from my home!!!  Oscar informed me that I should call the best buy store in Muncy, Pa. and enter a code when prompted to get a national operator to resolve the issue.  To be clear the initial response from the manager was for me to handle this myself with no offer of help.  I spoke with someone by phone (national operator) while standing in the Willow Grove store from my own phone and explained my problem and that I could not drive to Muncy, Pa. to pick out the laptop.  They told me that they would put in a request to have the manager from the Muncy, Pa. store call me.  They explained that I would receive a call within 24 hours.  The operator told me that an agreement between the two stores could be reached regarding store credit and hoped that they could resolve this.  I was beyond frustrated.  I spoke to Oscar again after the call since I never left the store and asked if there was anything he could do.  After waiting for over 30 minutes for him to look into it I was told that there was nothing that could be done and he suggested that I would have to get the new laptop at Muncy Best Buy as there was no way to purchase another on line with the store credit at this time.  To be clear I made my initial purchase here and was told there was nothing that could be done.  I found it amazing that he could not call the other store or call anyone to address the situation.  After waiting for 2 days with no call back from the Best Buy in Muncy, Pa. my wife had to take off work and drive 3 hours to the Best Buy in Muncy.  She was given store credit for the junk out.  The laptop that we initially wanted to purchase with the store credit in Willow Grove was not available in Muncy, Pa. and as a result we had to purchase a laptop that cost $300.00 more than what we spend on the original laptop.  In addition, we were told that since the laptop was junked out that the warranty was not transferred to the new laptop.  We only had the laptop warranty for 9 months before it was used up and no longer valid.  


I am amazed at the lack of professionalism that was shown to me throughout this process.  When purchasing a warranty on a laptop for peace of mind I would have expected that I would have been able to have received store credit by the Muncy, Pa. store so that I could purchase a new laptop online and have it sent to my daughter.  Instead, my request for calls back were never returned.  I was told by a manager at the store that I purchased the laptop at initially there was nothing he could do.  My wife had to take off work and drive 3 hours out and 3 hours back to purchase a new laptop.  We had to spend over $300 more than the initial purchase price of the first laptop.  We currently have no insurance on the new laptop that we purchased as it would not transfer.  I found this experience to be unacceptable.  If I treated customers in this fashion I would be ashamed.


I am asking that I be credited for the additional $300 for the purchase price of the new laptop and an additional $300 to put towards the geek squad 3-year warranty on the new laptop.  Considering how I was treated I would hope that anyone that reads this email could understand that it was not fair.  I would hope that you will make this right and demonstrate your ability to stand by your products and your loyal customers.  Please contact me back as soon as possible. 

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Re: Customer complaint

Greetings, wchapman!


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to join and write us regarding your experience with your daughters laptop replacement. Having a Geek Squad Protection Plan to cover your purchases is meant to make these types of situations simple, and we always expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation. Generally, once an item is "junked out", the customer may come in and select a new item with the store credit. If the item is not available in the store, the store can then place an order for the item if it's available on our site.  Also, per the Terms & Conditions of the Geek Squad Protection Plans, once the item is replaced through said plan, it is then considered fulfilled. A new protection plan will then need to be purchased for the new item, if the customer chooses to.


I’m happy to review this for you, and address your concerns moving forward. To better assist you, I am going to need some more details from you. Please, send me a private message by clicking on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature with the original purchase date, your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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