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Customer Support

To whom it may concern,

I am reaching out to you guys because of a current dilemma that I am being faced with. In December I went into Best Buy to your Geek Squad  department regarding my daughter’s pink Samsung Galaxy 7 cell phone. Since I had insurance I was able to pay my deductible and receive a replacement phone. However this phone that was sent to me is nonfunctional. Since I have received this phone it has brought nothing but trouble, meaning I have spent numerous hour on the phone, gone to four different Sprint stores and four different Best Buy stores including the one located in Torrance which is a bit over an hour from my location, precious time and energy in hopes to get this problem resolved only to fail. In the process of all this there has been nothing but fingers being pointed as to whom is responsible for the proper functioning of this device, Sprint blames Best buy and Best Buy states that Sprint should take care of the problem. Apparently the phone that was sent to me is for a prepaid account and therefor it cannot be connected. However, meanwhile I have been going up and down making appointments for different locations so that the phone can  be properly fix the insurance expired and as a result I ended up with a phone that I cannot use and paying a monthly fee for its service. Now as a loyal Best Buy customer I feel cheated. I paid for a service which was my insurance and a deductible for a new phone and what happened, they sent me a nonfunctioning phone. All I am asking for is that you guys respect and honor the service I properly deserve, specially giving the fat that I did pay for; and not the response of: “well unfortunately your insurance has expired there is nothing we can do about it.”  If you guys would have taken care of the problem the first time I stepped into Best Buy to tell them that the phone did not work and that it was incompatible with my account and cannot be connected I would not have been placed in this situation. I cannot fathom that this is the treatment/service  that customers get here and cannot begin to explain my extreme frustration with the whole situation and  to make matters worse I called corporate and they informed me that you  guys do not have a human relations department and therefore  I cannot  submit an official verbal claim. Now I am writing this email so that my current situation can be mended.


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Re: Customer Support

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Hello, cellest13,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums and thank you for reaching out to us for assistance with your daughters Samsung Galaxy 7 replacement phone.  I’m definitely wanting to dive a little deeper into this to gather all the information necessary to see what options may exist to assist you.  Although I cannot promise a different outcome will take place, I’m so grateful you stopped by the Best Buy forums to bring this to our attention. 


Best Buy knows we couldn’t be where we are now without listening to our customers and I’m going to have to ask you to send me some more information in a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below!  In that message be sure to include your full name, phone number, email address, and any cases that have been opened up on your behalf. 

The forums is an excellent community where we can have other users answer many questions before we’re able to respond, and I want to welcome you to write back whenever you have any questions or feedback for us.  I’ll be keeping an eye on my inbox for your reply!

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