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Customer Support needs training and Web site needs modern capabilities

On Monday July 22 I made an online "drop off" appointment to have my Yamaha receiver repaired at the Best Buy in Mansfield, MA.  I had purchased the receiver online through Best Buy less than two months earlier.  My appointment was for 8:00-8:20 pm that evening. I arrived at the Mansfield store at 8:18 after having been delayed a few minutes by a sudden raging thunderstorm and flash flooding on my way to the store.  There was nobody in the Geeksquad area when I arrived, but Gentleman A (I did not get his name, but he identified himself as the person in charge of the Geeksquad area).


Below is the exchange:

A: Do you have an appointment?

Me: Yes - it's for 8:00-8:20 (and I pointed to the monitor with my name on it behind the counter)

A: Well, you've missed your appointment

Me: I was here at 8:19 (there were no other customers in the area, the person with the next appointment was not there, and by now the time was in fact 8:20 - but the area was empty of any other customers)

A: That's not how our appointments work.

Me: This should only take a second it's just a "drop off" (and I unwrapped my receiver from the plastic bag I had protecting it from the rain) - the HDMI output port just stopped sending a signal to my TV

A: I'm in charge of deciding what we can and cannot service and we don't have the ability to test or repair that.

Me:  Then why doesn't your scheduling process tell me, that so I don't have to come all the way down here in the pouring rain if you can't take a look at the device?

A: We don't have the resources to look at every request to know if we can repair it or not….


(At this point, all I wanted to do was get the point across to him that if the web site scheduling offers repairs and I fill out the form that specifies my specific device, YAMAHA RX-v385, which I purchased at Best Buy, and the specific problem it's having… and you can't service it through that store, then Best Buy should tell me that before I go though the trouble of bringing it down.  On several occasions I said that "This not your issue, but you might want to provide this feedback back to corporate"  Despite that, he seemed to take it personally and told me on several occasions "It's not my fault that you didn't call the geeksquad number, or use one of the other ways to get support."  I could not get the point across to him that given the site navigation that led me to believe, and gave me no doubt, that the store could repair my device, he was adamant that it was my fault for not seeking an alternative method of getting my repair done. 


Please follow this trail and tell where I'm being told that my device can't be serviced:

Home, click on Services, click on Schedule a Service, click on TV & Home Theater, click on Home Theater, click on Audio click on "I need a repair",…. Choose you appointment time and describe your repair need.


Where am I told my device can't be serviced? I have to take a 45 minute trip to be told that?  This is not modern web design nor use of very available technology, very surprising….


I have been a tech support technician and been in the customer service/support business in one way or another for 40 years, and never have I treated anyone as rudely nor have I been so rudely handled as I was this evening.  Finally a good 7 minutes into the conversation in which he continued to be incredibly defensive - despite the fact that I kept telling him that it wasn't his issue, but the lack of the ability to triage a request online ESPECIALLY given the fact that web site says that the geek squad services Home theater/Audio equipment -  was a corporate issue - for which he might provide feedback  - he finally said "I'm sorry we don't have the capability to service your unit."


That should have been his FIRST response - not his LAST


I only buy my technology, and I buy quite a bit, from three places: Best Buy, Costco, and Crutchfield.  After this experience with your geeksquad Customer Service, I'm afraid that Best Buy will be for all intents and purposes, off the list.

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Re: Customer Support needs training and Web site needs modern capabilities



Welcome to our community. You know, I've had my share of appointments in my life where I was late, but I've never encountered resistance to assistance like what you've described. Certainly our goal is always to provide a superior experience for you and our other customers and not offer roadblocks and complications instead. I apologize for your having had to cope with such behavior on the part of our Geek Squad Agent.


While I'm grateful for your feedback on our website reservation experience--I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams--were you ultimately able to drop off your Yamaha receiver for repairs? Even if a product cannot be serviced in store, in many cases Geek Squad should be able to help facilitate repairs under the manufacturer's warranty through a partner service center. Additionally, were you able to speak to a store manager regarding your Geek Squad experience?


In any event, and while I understand how you might come to the decision, I was unhappy to read that this visit to our Mansfield location may influence your choice of Best Buy as a future shopping and service destination. It is my hope you will give Best Buy and Geek Squad a new opportunity one day soon to restore your faith in us. 


Please know I am grateful you took the time to write to us with your concerns.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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