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Customer Service problem and Geek Squad Supervisor Hangs up the phone

Here is my issue I have a Stove that I have had to replace the Door twice now in six months and the unit is only a year old (i would call it a lemon at his point). I called Geek Squad to set up an appointment and they decdied to have the stove door delivered to my home via UPS frieght.****** Well what he did incorrectly was give UPS the repairmans phone number instead of my number.****** This caused the door not to be delivered because the repairman never called UPS to set up delivery. I have talked to numerous Geek Squad Agents and they have al agreed this was a Best Buy mistake. I now have to derive to the UPS Wharehouse 45 min away to get the part so that it can be installed tomorrow morning. The appointment was intially set up today but had to be moved to tomorrow with reluctance by one of two different terrible Geek Squad Supervisors Samantha being the one that refused to try and help me saying I had to call UPS to find out the delivery problem {which was a Best Buy mistake). The 2nd Geek Squad Suoervisor hung up on me telling me that she couldnt pull up my information due to the system being down, funny becasue when i called back instantly the normal agent was able to pull up my information. I dont know if you understand the stress of not having an oven availble 3 days before Thanksgiving but being Thankful for Best Buy is not something Im thankful for at this time. Im in the market to buy a new Washing Machine and after this expperience I have doubts about purchasing one from Best Buy. 

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Re: Customer Service problem and Geek Squad Supervisor Hangs up the phone



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I recently moved into a new apartment, and I had issues with the oven as well, so I can certainly understand where you are coming from here. You mentioned that your new repair appointment was today, correct? Were the technicians able to resolve the issue with your oven door?


I would be happy to document your concerns here at the Corporate Campus to be addressed by the appropriate teams, as this is not the experience we aim to provide at all. To do so, please click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. Once there, please provide your full name, email, phone number, service order number, and any other details you wish to provide.



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