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Cust. Service / Exchange, Not Right

My fiance ordered a 43" Insignia 1080p online. When it arrived at our home and we got it set up a portion of the screen stayed black. Geek Squad came out to asses the problem, they did not have the part they thought needed and had to order it. A week later after part arrived they came back out installed it and still didn't fix the problem. The repairman from GeekSquad then gave us a confirmation number to take with the TV to a store and exchange. He told us that they would exchange it for one that Did Work and that if they didn't have it in stock they would give us something comparable or upgrade at no charge to us. We took it in, they didn't have it, would take another 10 days for them to order the same unit. We went for an upgrade that they charged us another $50 for. Not What We Were Told. The Manager wouldn't price match or even split the difference, for our inconvenience of 2 repair trips, parts ordered, time off work to be home for GeekSquad to come out, and then our time and travel to exchange.
This is Not Customer Service, at all.
(Oh, and then they tried to sell us on Geek Squad service for $25. extra, to cover issues like the one we're currently experiencing.)
To be honest, this is the 1st time I've received bad service. We're a couple that has bought 2 TV's, 3 Laptops, a Kindle Fire and countless other items over the years. This last visit, has not got us wanting to return for more purchases.
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Re: Cust. Service / Exchange, Not Right

Did you get the price agreement or the exchange in writing? Because its going to be their word against yours basically unless something was written at the time of service on what the next steps were potentially going to be.


Have you spoke to all levels of management and see what was up? A Best Buy rep may be able to look at what is going on here.

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Re: Cust. Service / Exchange, Not Right

Hi, Jrwgss,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thank you for making your first post.


I can understand how it would be disappointing to believe that you may have been eligible for additional discounts with your exchange, only to be told differently when you visited the store. I apologize for any confusion that happened during your visit. My understanding is that, in most cases, the customer would be responsible for paying to upgrade, or for any difference due between the value of the item that is being exchanged and the item that would be purchased. Can you please clarify if the TV was being serviced under the manufacturer's warranty, or was it being serviced under a Geek Squad Protection plan?



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