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Corporate Management Should Be Aware

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I've spent the last several hours on the phone with Best Buy trying to get several problems resolved. I'm posting this so people can know what they're in for when they actually become a Best Buy customer. I'll be providing screenshots and detailing facts that can be supported from telephone conversations held today. Though this may well be a waste of time because it will likely get deleted.


I've called the Marysville, WA store twice every day for the past 3 days. The phone rings and rings and nobody ever answers it. You can try it for yourself at (360) 652-1219. I brought this to the Store Manager's (Stephen {removed per forum guidelines} attention over 2 months ago when I experienced the same problem. In just the past 3 days I've sent two emails to Steve informing him of this and asked him to call me back as soon as possible to discuss several things.


Yesterday evening I received an email from Best Buy saying my last purchase for a new cell phone had been canceled because I failed to pick it up. This was one of the issues I wanted to talk with Steve about as we had agreed that I would pick the phone up, having already paid for it, when I picked up my laptop that was being repaired. More on that below.


I called the Best Buy main Customer Service number 2 days ago to report this and the person with Customer Service while being very nice wasn’t helpful at all. After trying the store again today and getting the same result I called the main customer service number again and asked to speak to the customer service department for Corporate Management.


I was told I’d have to start with a Geek Squad Supervisor, was placed on hold to speak with one, and then disconnected 45 minutes later!! I called back, explained all this for the third time, and was told I would be transferred to the Complaint Department. I got a very nice lady on the phone who said her name was Heather. She listened and I think was taking some notes. She then called the Marysville Store, told me how to bypass the automated answering system (why wasn’t I told that before?), got them on the phone, and said she would connect me with them. I asked her if she talked with Steve and if it was Steve on the phone and she told me yes. She also told me that she would stay on the line with me until I connected with them. So then she transferred me and when I was connected it was some woman. I told her I was told that Steve was on the phone and she said Steve wasn’t even in the store at the time!!


So I thanked her, said I was supposed to be connected to Steve, wanted to talk to the manager, and asked her to connect me back to Heather. She said Heather had left the call and she couldn’t call her back directly. So I thanked her and called Best Buy AGAIN. Got thru the first person who could barely speak English, finally connected me back to the Complaint Department. Talked with some woman who said her name was Aida and couldn’t connect me back to Heather. Asked to speak to Heather’s manager and she said she couldn’t do that either but would get another manager on the phone to speak with me. Put me on hold and after 20 minutes I was disconnected AGAIN!!!!


So I called back for a THIRD time, got past the first person to the Complaint Depart, talked with some gal that I told what had just happened and said I’m not wasting anymore time and asked a manager to call me back. Told them I’ve wasted enough time and won’t waste anymore so they had 10 minutes to call me back or I’m taking all this to social media and telling as many folks as I can how they treat you once you become a customer. Nice as can be when they are trying to get your business. Could not care less about you once they have it. I never received a call back and it’s now been almost an 2 hours since I called back. I made sure to have them repeat my phone number back to me so I KNOW they have it correct.


Now to one other thing that people should know. I bought a new 17” HP laptop from Best Buy Marysville in Feb/Mar of this year. At that time I also purchased the Total Tech Support Package. About a month ago I pulled a boneheaded move and stepped backwards onto the display and broke it. Took it in on July 21st and was told they had to ship it off to their service center in Brooks, KY and it would be 2 weeks before I could get in back with a return date of August 7th.


I asked to speak to the manager, Steve, to see if anything could be done to expedite that because I use my laptop for both work & personal related activities. I gave up TV last year and I use my laptop like most folks use their smart phones. ALL the time. He said that while his technicians have the expertise to do the repair Best Buy Policy prohibits them from doing so & they must ship it back to KY. Not having any other option other than taking it elsewhere & paying for the repair, which makes the $200 Total Tech Support Package worthless & money wasted, I went ahead and let them make the repairs. Please see the screenshot that shows Best Buy’s record of what’s happening with my laptop.


According to Best Buy it took FOURTEEN DAYS for my laptop to get from WA to KY!! What are they using? Pony Express? Then it took them another week to figure out that there is a part “inside” my laptop that needs to be repaired. Why? To replace the display???? And why doesn’t the service center have parts on hand? How is this remotely acceptable?


It’s now the 18th. 11 days AFTER I was supposed to pickup my laptop. Still NO idea when I’ll get it back. Plus the cell phone I bought has been canceled so I don’t know if it’ll be available for pickup or not. As bad as Staples turned out to be with their ever-changing technicians and management, I NEVER had anything like this happen.

It’s really sad but Big Box Retailers just don’t care about keeping repeat customers. It’s time to go back and find a small business that does. When you have a business that can't even get someone to answer the phone I suppose one should expect this kind of service.


(Screenshot can't be posted. But I will on FB & other places.)

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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

While I agree thier communication and call centers need a bunch of work, im.not sure what you want....

Many of the stores are not answering phones directly due to low staffing during covid and are relying on the call centers. The call centers dont seem to have managers and you get a random person everytime you call. They cant just transfer you back to a person you just talked to.

Did you really expect Steve to try to put your laptop repair in front of someone else's? Your needs are not more important then anyone else. They dont have a golden ticket to get you to the front of the line.

On newer laptops they have to order the part from the manufacturer. Laptops parts are not generally interchangeable. Often times stepping on them breaks the hinge mounts also, so additional internal parts would be required. HP sources all thier parts from China so if they are out of stock parts sometimes take awhile especially during covid.

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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

Who are you?  Why are you concerned about what I want?  Are you in Corporate Management?

I'll answer one of your questions at this point.  I expect the Manager, Steve, to return my calls.  

Aside from that you didn't understand what I said.  I wasn't talking with Call Centers.  I was talking with Best Buy people.

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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware





I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

Good afternoon, RoyceE.VanBlaricome,


Welcome to our community forum. I appreciate you taking the time to visit us and provide us your feedback about getting in touch with your local store and this repair. As a student, I can certainly understand wanting to get your computer back as quickly as possible. We strive to provide world class service no matter how you contact us and I would be happy to see how I may be able to help.


Have you been able to get in touch with Steve since making this post? If not, I would be glad to reach out to him on your behalf. You mentioned that you wanted to speak regarding several things, can you please clarify what those were? I would also be glad to check on the status of your repair to see if I can provide any additional insight on it's status.


I'd also like to document your concerns here at our Corporate Campus and will need a few details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Service order number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post across from my name. I'll keep an eye out for your response.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

HI Jdogg,

Thanks for the reply.  I do appreciate actually talking to someone from Best Buy and your reply.  I see I've got another message from an Andrew & will reply in more detail to him with my contact info.  I just wanted to let you know my long post was not primarily about me getting my laptop but but more importantly the EXTREMELY POOR customer service.  Specifically the total unresponsiveness and the outright lying to me.  

I'll provide Andrew Steve's email addy in my reply to him.


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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

Hi Andrew,

I'll send you the PM now.  THANK YOU for your reply!!


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Re: Corporate Management Should Be Aware

Well, I got my laptop back.  It was shipped directly to me and left at my door.  NOT a very smart move on BestBuy's part AND after I was specifically told by the store manager, Steve, that could not happen.  


Also, I was quite surprised to find it because when I dropped it off for repair I specifically asked if it could be express mailed directly back to me & Steve, the manager, specifically told me no.  Additionally, I mentioned that I was having a problem that I had scheduled with Geek Squad on the phone and said that I'd be available until Midnight for a call back but I got the call at 0430 in the morning and was just heading to bed.  The person I talked with wanted me to stay up & work on it then but I told him I was too tired and they were supposed to call me 4hrs earlier by Midnight.  I haven't been able to follow up for that & Steve said they could take care of that along with looking into Webroot telling me that it found there had been 2 system crashed but I never experienced one unless it happed while I was asleep during an update or something.  So I guess I'll have to call Geek Squad and see if I can get someone on the phone to look at both of those now.  That's not a big problem a big problem but is indicative of more communication problems with Best Buy,.

And speaking of that, I've had several back & forths with Andrew above & a Kayla who stepped in early on to say Andrew wasn't available and asked how she could help.  I've repeated asked for someone to call me so I could lay out the enitre scenario for them.  Both Kayla & Andrew said they "absolutely ensure that all this feedback about your full experience is recorded here at the Corporate level and is forwarded to the right place."

How can they record the "full experience" if they won't even talk to me?  And what is this "right place"?  Some big black hole where nothing is changed?  It appears so because now i'm being told "Our team is only able to provide assistance via social media so we will be unable to speak to you over the phone. You are more than welcome to call us at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289. I'd also be happy to document any further concerns you share here. "  And just what would be done with that documentation?  See what's going on?

THAT is what I get told AFTER I previously chronicled that I had been disconnected TWICE.  The first time after a 45min hold and the 2nd time after a 20min hold.  And that I had been lied to by someone who said they had Steve on the phone when they didn't.  I hope folks are getting the picture.  "

BestBuy can hire people as a "Social Media Specialist" but they can't pay to get a phone system that works or a Customer Service Department that can actually talk to folks and solves problems.  As I said beforem, they bend over backwards to get you as a new customer,  But then they could not care less about keeping you as a repeat customer.  So they got $600 outta me and I'm happy with the laptop I got from them.  But they just lost $200 with phone screwup they did and THOUSANDS more in the flatscreen TV & Home Entertainment Center that will be going to someone else.

MAYBE they should send that to their Accounting Department.