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[Concern] Ambiguous service plan led to frustration

Hullo Best Buy! 

Let me start off by saying the lack of email is incredibly frustrating. As someone who prefers written communication to audio communication for a mirade of reasons I'm rather disheartened that an email communication isn't an option. But alas that isn't what this post is about.

I purchased a phone with an in house Geek Squad protection plan exactly two years (minus one day) ago. I know this because the plan expires tomorrow. A few months back, I started experiencing screen bleed from my keyboard. Admittedly this was a "problem" that the plan covers, but not significant enough of an issue for me to go through the process of repair. Regardless, I decided to explore that option this weekend, and ventured into my friendly local Best Buy. 

What I discovered was that in order to repair my phone, I would need to pay an additional $150 to have a new phone shipped out to me. My geek squad associate did a great job of explaining to me why that was the case and I have no concerns or challenges whatsoever with my tech. What concerns me is I don't feel like that was made very clear to me at time of purchase, nor do I feel that this is a very consumer friendly policy. To put it frankly, I feel like I paid superfluous money for the right to then spend even more money later, and an experience like this makes me not want to purchase protection plans in the future. (which having worked for a competitor in the past I know there's a significant amount of margin on those and that's how retailers can build repeat cusotmers). I am hoping there's someone who would be able to walk me through some of these concerns and challenges, and we can reach an adequate solution that helps both me as a customer and Best Buy as a store. 

Thanks much for reading my post! 

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Re: [Concern] Ambiguous service plan led to frustration

Hello, RileyH47,


Welcome to our forums and thank you for writing to us about your experience with this Geek Squad Protection plan. I know how important it is to have a working phone so I can understand your surprise to discover that there was a service fee to replace your device. Typically at the time of purchase you are provided information on how to review the Terms & Conditions for your plan. This information is also listed on your receipt. Were you provided this information at the time of purchase? I would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please feel free to reply here or by sending me a private message if you prefer. You can do so by clicking the blue button at the bottom of my post across from my name.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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