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Computer issue


I purchased a Gaming computer from online Best buy about three weeks ago. The issue I am having is the computer keeps turning off when I play computer games so I assumed this was an overheating issue with the computer which led me to bring it into the geek squad in Boynton beach for repair. Greek Squad ran diagnostics and said everything is ok but they recommended updating the drivers so I had them do it; however, it is still happening. I need some advice before i call my credit card to dispute the charges because I received a defective computer. 



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Re: Computer issue

Specifically which computer did you buy?


And as an example, what computer games are you playing?

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Re: Computer issue

I buy Power is the brand and I play Dying Light, Over watch, Phasomthobla, Dead by day light.

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Re: Computer issue

Good afternoon, Victoria23,


Thank you for taking the time to visit us here on our community forums. I know that when I really get into a game losing power is the last thing I want to happen. I appreciate you reaching out about this and would be happy to help you explore what options are available to get help moving forward.


We offer a 15-day Return & Exchange Promise for most of the products we sell. Because you purchased this about three weeks ago this computer is likely outside of this time frame. Did you purchase a Geek Squad Protection plan when you bought this computer? If so, the Geek Squad should be able to provide some additional support options as well.


If not, I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see what options are available under their warranty.


I hope I was able to provide some clarification on how to get help moving forward. Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Computer issue

You ever notice no one ever answers 'which specific computer did you buy, or what is the model number' ? Like it is some kind of top secret information. Lol