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Computer Essentially Destroyed by Geek Squad, Any Help Would Be Appreciated

Let me start by saying that I love both Best Buy and Geek Squad and have never had any complaints before these incidents. (Thank you for your services!)

During April of last year, I took my ASUS gaming PC in to have a new hard drive installed. While there, I decided to purchase a rgb cooling fan. This location told me that I would need a new case for the cooling system to work and that they would not do any work without the new case. I was talked into buying the yearly tech support to save money on these services, which I was fine with as I assumed I would be using the service a lot over the next year. When my computer was finished and ready to be picked up, they gave it to me without turning it on or anything and I assumed everything was all good.

When I get home, the computer won't turn on. I take it back and am told the motherboard is fried, which was not the case when I brought it in. Over the course of a month or so, I go back and forth with Best Buy managers who initially offered to replace the motherboard with the exact same model.

After checking my account online, I see that an XBOX purchased a year earlier was marked as returned, and the money from that "return" was used to purchase the motherboard - the cheapeast motherboard available on the website, which was incompatible with my pc in the first place. During that month, I eventually get someone to help get the correct motherboard purchased and replaced. The computer now works, but the fan does not. I'm told I need to purchase a certain cord in order for the fan to work, and I do, but I decided to deal with that later as the situation had me pretty stressed.

Flash foward to this month, I decide to upgrade my ram and get the fan working, and I go to a different location to avoid any errors. I'm told the cord I have for the fan will "fry my motherboard" and that I need a $50 commander core unit. (It isn't until many days later that I realize the fan came with a smaller version of this $50 product, so neither the cord nor the commander core were ever necessary. I am not sure what happened to the included component, but I never received it.) I purchase the commander core, and the fan works, but now there is a giant scratch on my pc in a very visible location. I go back in and they offer to refund the core and give me a $75 gift card for the scratch. I accept this offer, the manager goes to work this out, and the individual who worked on my pc comes up and apologizes for scratching it.

The manager comes back and rescinds this offer as he thought I had been dealing with this issue for weeks? It's actually been a year, but okay. He does give me a $75 gift card, but uses it towards the core I never needed and was pressured into buying, leaving me with $20 as compensation for this giant scratch.

I have been on the phone with every Best Buy and Geek Squad number available, I've emailed the store GM, I've been told that I will receive a call from someone but it's been weeks and nothing so far. The icing on the cake is that my PC is not even functioning properly now, the hdmi and usb ports are not working properly (a friend and former GS employee suggested that it may be due to loose components, such as the ram sticks I just had installed.)

I don't really want to take my computer back in and risk more damage, and all I've ever wanted was my pc to be returned in the same condition as it was in when I brought it in in the first place. To me, a refund for the total tech support would be a reasonable offer, as this service has brough nothing but a headache my way. I'm not even sure what to do about my computer at this point, which is a completely different pc than what I brought in.

Does anyone have any idea how to get a hold of someone who can help? The customer support people I've talked to are wonderful and totally understanding, but they don't have authority to help me with this issue and no one can seem to get a supervisor on the phone. The store won't return my calls or emails, and I've even tweeted to Best Buy's account, but I can't seem to get anywhere. I am a gaming content creator and a unctioning gaming computer is essential for my work to take place.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where to go from here, I would be eternally grateful.

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Re: Computer Essentially Destroyed by Geek Squad, Any Help Would Be Appreciated

Also as of right now my computer will not turn on properly. It fails to load and I have to restart it about 7 times until it actually works.

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Re: Computer Essentially Destroyed by Geek Squad, Any Help Would Be Appreciated

Hello, Xtimus, 


Thanks for creating a profile here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this great community! 


I am an avid gamer myself, so I can certainly understand how encountering these issues with your gaming PC would be less than ideal. I’d be happy to take a look into this on my end to see what options might be available. To do so, please send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number, purchase information, and service order numbers from your visits. 



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