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I joined this forum, which I will never use again, to file the complaint below. Filing a complaint with Best Buy, it turns out, is as difficult as dealing with the individual stores. Below is my complaint:



I had the worst experience that I have ever had at a retail store of any kind in my entire life at your Best buy store - #337 - and that is really saying something, because I am almost 76 years old, which means I’ve done a lot of shopping.  

On May 31, I brought my HP laptop to the Geek Squad (Job {removed per forum guidelines}, because it was acting up. The tech who checked it in said he thought he saw a bad virus. When I got the laptop back a few days later, the tech who gave it back to me said there hadn’t actually been a bug; they had just cleaned the laptop up and it was ready to do.

When I got the laptop home, I discovered that my files were trashed. In particular, all of the data on my Quicken program had been wiped out back to November, 2017. I tried to reclaim them with my Seagate external backup, but was unable to, so I began trying to restore the damage manually. It was tedious, time consuming and, ultimately incomplete. I was dissatisfied with the experience.

Needless to say, when I got the traditional email from Geek Squad requesting feedback, my feedback was extremely critical. It evoked a call from a Geek Squad member named Justin {removed per forum guidelines}. I told him the story and he apologized and asked me to bring the laptop back so they could try to find the files and restore them. I did.  But I was skeptical and still angry.

After a few days, while I was out I received a voice mail from a Geek Squad tech named Karen saying she was working on my machine and had a couple of  questions, and would I call her back at {removed per forum guidelines}. You may be interested to know that when you call this number, there is no opportunity on your voice message loop to press to speak to a human being.  I couldn’t reach Karen that way. I had to drive to your store to speak with her, by which time I was fuming.

Karen had gone for the day, but another tech checked her records and said she just needed the password to my Quicken file to finish the work. I was so upset by then that I wrote down the wrong password – my fault entirely – which I realized when I got back home. However, there was still no way to call the Geek Squad to tell them my mistake (see above), so I had to drive back to the store again to provide the correct password.  My fault, but I was madder still because there was no possible way to call back as I had been asked.

When I got the “It’s ready” call from Geek Squad, I made the appointment and picked up the computer at 6:20 pm. I told the Geek Squad how disappointed with the whole experience I was and that I intended to file a complaint. During our conversation, he told me that the missing files had actually been on the laptop. They were just “hidden.” What does that even mean? And if they were hidden, of what use were they to me? Wrong thing to say.

I left him and went to the greeter at the front of the store to ask to speak with the Store Manager to lodge my complaint. There, I was confronted by Lindsay {removed per forum guidelines}, your assistant store manager. I told her I didn’t want to talk to her. I wanted to talk to the store manager. {removed per forum guidelines} said you wouldn’t be back until this week and that I would have to talk to her. I said OK, let’s talk.

We sat down on the chairs in front of Geek Squad counter, but we didn’t talk. Every time I spoke a sentence, she responded with an excuse, reflexively. I tried several times, and each time she interrupted with an excuse or deflection, often before I could even finish my sentence. I told her a couple of times that she wasn’t listening to me, but she continued with the same routine. It was just infuriating. Turns out, the worst employee at your store at their job is your assistant store manager.

Near the end of the conversation, I mentioned that part of the reason I was unhappy was that I had bought Webroot, at Geek Squad’s suggestion, and it hadn’t prevented the virus, and I had bought Seagate external back up system at Geek Squad’s suggestion, and it hadn’t backed up my files completely. She immediately said, and I quote, “Well, those aren’t guarantees.” True enough, but not the thing to say to me at that moment. A simple I’m sorry was in order, but that wasn’t coming from her over any of this.

I said that this wasn’t working, she wasn’t listening to me, that I would write up a formal complaint and that I wanted my Geek Squad payment fee back (a fee I have been paying for several years without any complaint about Geek Squad until now). {removed per forum guidelines} said I would never get my fee back, and that she was going to make a note right then to see that I never did, because I had been rude to her.

When I first came back to Geek Squad to complain that their work had resulted in my files being trashed, I was upset, but I just wanted them to fix it. I didn’t want to quit being a Geek Squad subscriber. I didn’t want to quit being a Best Buy customer. I just wanted my laptop fixed. Now, I never want to walk into a Best Buy store again.

So, here’s my proposal. I looked up my records, and I have spent about $5,000 in your store since we moved to Prescott. Not a big customer, but not a tiny one either. Just refund my Geek Squad membership fee for this year and I’ll shred my Best Buy credit card and we’ll all it even.

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Re: Complaint

Hello Eloi,


Welcome to our community, though I certainly wish it were under better circumstances. In my life, all 58 years of it so far, I've discovered that the most aggravating thing to me is having to cope with someone who will not listen to me. Our computers contain so much of the necessary information for our lives these days that the loss of a fraction of it can be extemely upsetting if not outright catastrophic. I can't begin to recount the data I've lost for one reason or another, though in my case it's been mostly my fault. Certainly my expectations -- like yours -- of a service provider like Geek Squad would be much higher and I would absolutely not expect to have complications of any kind, much less on the order of what you've described. To have that compounded by the conversation you had with our manager would surely cement any aggravation. I apologize for your having had to cope with such a situation.


Using the information you provided at registration for our community, I was able to discover that your fees for Geek Squad were refunded at the Prescott store. Did you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns with the general manager then?


Please know I am grateful you took the time to write to us to share this experience.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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