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Complaint about in-home service technician



I just wanted to share an unfortunate experience with one particular Geek Squad technician. 


I purchased a Vizio P-Series Quantum from my local BB (Fort Myers, FL) in October 2019. The audio was malfunctioning and cutting out for almost a year before I decided to call in my Geek Squad warranty and have it evaluated. 


Steve came to do a diagnostic and spent over an hour trying to convince me that the sound was fine. It wasn't, which became clear when the speakers started making a horrible sound and then the volume just died on every input as he watched. After that he relented. As I was demonstrating the problem I had to put up with Steve telling me that a P-Series is bought for picture, not volume, that buying a sound bar would fix it (uh, no), and that everything was the fault of my Firestick, really. 


The repair was a replacemnent mainboard, which Steve came in and professionally replaced. 


Three weeks later I realized that, with the new board, the TV was not upscaling to 4k picture. Every input had aliasing, jaggies, grain over the whole picture, and would not go above 1080p. I called in again for diagnosis. 


Evan came to check things out. Nice young man, immediately identified it as a problem, and ordered another replacement mainboard. 


Yesterday, Evan came by to put in the third board (which didn't work out of the box). It's whatever, but Steve was with him to assist. Once they realized the new board was not going to work, they put the defective second board back in. Even though this was not a diagnostic appointment, Steve again tried to convince me the picture was fine, even after being shown video problems on every input (which I didn't have to do for him; again, this was a repair appointment, not diagnostic), His reasons were as such:


1) He said I had changed practically every setting on the TV and implied I just didn't have it set up right but could not point to anything that was wrong. 

2) He blamed my router for the bad picture, even though I had no problem with 4K scaling using those same routers before he came to do the initial repair. He suggested new routers would fix it (routers don't fix grain and aliasing on PlayStation inputs, pal).

3) He explained away CBS All Access displaying in 720p (?!) as "that's probably just what they broadcast in." Really? CBS is going to stream new episodes of Star Trek Discovery below Dolby Vision on purpose?

4) Steve asked me if I wanted another mainboard. Well, of course. The replacement they brought that day wouldn't even go to setup and my current one is defective. Since this will be the 4th board this TV will reject, I asked about replacing the TV if the next board doesn't work. He said no... if the fourth board doesn't work, we'll just try a fifth and a sixth and a seventh. 


In short... Evan's diagnostic and repair performance was great, professional, and a credit to Geek Squad. Steve, after two visits to my home, has demonstrated himself as condescending, full of completely transparent and fictional excuses for a defective TV, and pretty much trying to bully me into shutting up and accepting broken sound and sub-1080p picture from a $1700 Ultra 4k TV. 


I'll have one more appointment to try one more board, which will be scheduled today.


What I ask:


1) That Evan be the primary on the next repair and take the lead with another assistant. 

2) That Steve not be assigned to my cases either as the primary or as an assistant. He's makes things ten times harder than they need to be and is not welcome in my home. And, frankly, I'm insulted by his behavior. I'm no TV repair expert but I know a little bit about how TVs are supposed to work, and his constant blaming of everything except the obvious, in-your-face problems is not acceptable. 


Thanks, I'm willing to chat with a corporate representative for followup about this. 





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Re: Complaint about in-home service technician

Good afternoon, GalaxyFire-9,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us about your experience with this TV repair. I can certainly understand wanting to make sure that your TV gets back up and running in the way it was before you started to have problems.


Generally, Geek Squad appointments are scheduled based on the availability of local agents. I would be glad to reach out to your local Geek Squad leadership team and make sure they are aware of your experience with Steve and see what options they have to assist you with future appointments.


I will need some more information to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:

Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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