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Complaint about a "repair"

I'm not sure where to file a complaint but I thought I'd give it a shot on here. I spilled soda on my laptop and brought it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Greece, Rochester NY. They had it for three weeks and told me HP couldn't send the parts with no further explanation. I was pressured into signing paperwork saying I was satisfied with the repair of the product (they didn't do anything to it thoygh) and charged $80 being told it was for the diagnostics of the laptop. Come to find out when I got it back, only one thing that they told me was wrong was actually broken, the battery. They told me the motherboard, RAM, hard drive, and fans were also broken. They wanted to charge me $750 total to fix it but because HP apparently never sent the parts, they just handed it back to me while shrugging their shoulders. I brought it to another repair shop and they plugged it in and it turned on right away, did diagnostics on it and like I said, only the battery was shot. The shop I brought it to said that it looks as if no one even opened up the laptop and looked at the parts inside to see what was wrong. I'm very upset that first of all, they charged me $80 for diagnostics that were incorrect and did nothing to help me going forward when I asked them what I should do next. They placed all the blame on HP when it's clear this was basically just laziness or lying. The inside of the laptop looks good, if someone actually looked they would see that. So was someone too lazy to care or did they lie? I am very frustrated with geek squad, especially becahse they just about charged me $750. I got very lucky that they didn't get those parts (at least that's what I was told). I was almost charged $750 to fix a $100 problem. I would like to speak with someone about this, I think I should get my $80 back because the testing they apparently did was wrong. They did nothing to help me, lied to me or didn't do the work, and pressured me into signing paperwork that I was happy with it. This is wrong on so many levels.