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Complaint - Third time that Geek Squad/Best Buy/Third Party Provider have no-showed on me

Thanks for deleting my first post which apparently must have offended you knowing you probably want to hide the truth.


Your third party in-home dryer repair company no-showed on us for a THIRD time, which has occurred over the four weeks. I called Geek Squad and got a bunch of lies from the operator who said the technician was on his/her way, which I later found out was a complete and utter lie. You guys tell us what we think we want to hear to get us off of the phone as quickly as possible.

This is the same third party that no-showed on us several times a few years ago when trying to get our refrigerator fixed.

Instead of calling me to resolve the situation you simply deleted my post here...great customer service Best Buy. You've done a perfect job of getting me to never ever purchase anything from you ever again and I've spent well over $100k with you, which just suddenly went away going forward.