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Complaint Regarding Laptop Repair

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I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin, and I recently purchased a laptop with Best Buy, that acts as my primary computer while I'm at school. Here's some information that I think is relevant:

MFG: HP Inc.

Desc. HP Envy x360 Convertible 13M-A

Model: 4AC53UA

SKU: 6237358

Serial: {removed per forum guidelines}

Purchased: 11/19/2018 


One day, while headed to class, I got on the bus, and half-fell half-sat down as the bus began moving, and I accidentally placed my bag sort of behind me. I thought nothing of it, but when I got home and took out my computet to do homework, to find that the screen digitizer was destroyed. I would never have even thought that the slight bit of pressure could destroy the screen ( through the case and through the thin but strong aluminum chassis of the laptop). Extremely dissapointed, I brought the computer to the Best Buy on 41st, hoping that sine there was no evidence of misuse (the glass and chassis were completely intact, no evidence that I dropped or damaged the unit, completely undectable until you turned the screen on) and was wondering since I had just barely purchased the PC, that some sort of options would be offered to me. However, I understood the nature of the digitizer damage and I understood that I would not be entitled to coverage under the manufaturers warranty.


This is the info on the quote that I got then:


Labor: COD

Parts: COD

Estimated Completion: 11/22/2018

Deposit: $84.95

Min Approved Amount: $284.95

Min Repair Amount: $284.95


I agreed to these terms, and was very much reassured that since mine was the 13" version it would probably not exceed the estimated time or the repair amount. However, my complaint comes in the following month or so since that meeting. I recieved 1 voluntary phone call from Best Buy (GeekSquad) on 11/15, to tell me that my repair would be $100 more than originally estimated. I approved, since this is my only laptop and I wanted to use Best Buy in order to preserve my warranty on the PC. However, with all the costs of college, I will be strapped to pay for the repair, as I was strapped to pay the deposit for it. Im complaining because since then, the estimated completion date flew by, and I expected to get some sort of call or update. I had to call on 11/27 and got answer from Danny, "We don't really know the status of the repair, I'll call you back." Got a call back the next day to say " I called the agent working on your laptop and he didn't answer." and finally got a call today saying "We don't know when it's going to be done, we don't have the part." How bad does communication have to be that the burden of finding out where my laptop is takes three days and relies on me to call. If I hadn't called, I would not have been contacted or even known anything about my property. I feel wronged, I was told what would happen to my laptop, and BestBuy has taken it, charged me more, and failed to update me or do the repair service in a reasonable amount of time. I feel like at least for reimbursement for the amount of time I have had to spend using library computers to complete school projects should amount to something. I also got no explanation for why the additional costs were going to incur for the repair. I don't mean to be ugly, but I'm desperate to have my 800 dollar laptop back, and it's ridiculous that repair for a single "$200" compenent should cost half the price of the product to repaiir. I feel at this point like I should call the police and report my laptop stolen by BestBuy. If you can't repair a product in a timely manner, then don't sell it to me, it's simple. It is crazy the amount of product control that goes on, to the point that BestBuy is the only repair option, but engages in racketeering to get me to pay more money 

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Re: Complaint Regarding Laptop Repair

With something that new Best Buy will have to wait for HP to send them the part, and experience tells me that HP may not have replacement parts for something that new yet ether and has to wait on parts from the actual manufacturer which I belive is quanta in taiwan on the x360. (Quanta makes the majority of HP, Toshiba, Dell, Macs)