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Complaint. Greek squad Manassas

you're customer service for Geek squad and apple care sucks.
I was just in the manasses store and they were dismissive and argumentative and turned me away.

I scheduled an appointment through Apple.
I arrived at the store and an agent started to help me. He saw that I had a screen protector on the phone and said the scratch was on the protector. I said it wasn’t and to take it off. He did. Looked at it and walked away. He proceeded to help another agent with another customer. He then talked to her about me. Saying it was a scratch. I was then waived over.
They said they can’t do the replacement because it’s a scratch and not a crack. I then said I’d call Apple. As I was calling she wanted to show me the terms.
I called Apple and they said I was eligible. I then said I’d call back Apple and asked the geek squad agent for C a manager.
The manager echoed the agent. I told him Apple said it was eligible. He didn’t care and said I’d have to go to Apple. I reminded him I scheduled through Apple and that Best Buy was an authorized service center. He repeated go to Apple. That it wouldn’t qualify under the diagnostic. I said run the diagnostic and they did. It said they couldn’t repair it and even if they could they would have to send it away and it would take two Weeksto two months.
I said that was unacceptable and walked out.
I understand they have to follow policy. However, the argumentative and dismissive nature of the customer service us unacceptable. It wasted my time. I now know never to deal with best Best Buy in these situations every again.
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Re: Complaint. Greek squad Manassas

Hello, JStollman1, 


We appreciate you visiting our online community, although I wish your first post had been related to a positive experience. Most of us use our phones daily, and I understand an imperfection on the screen would not be ideal. Best Buy is an Authorized Apple Service Provider, and our Geek Squad Agent should be following the Terms for AppleCare. There is a diagnostic process, which helps ensure the requested repair is covered. I apologize if this was not clearly explained.


I would love the opportunity to learn more about your experience, as well as to formally document your feedback. You're welcomed to send a Private Message, so I can gather the required information. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. 




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