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Complaint - Geek Squad Laptrop Repair

I jsut want to rant and compalin and what horrible service Geek Squad has provided.


I sent my laptop in for repairs a few weeks ago.  I have a newborn, and elderly parents staying with us and to avoid any risk of COVID asked to send it in for repairs rather than going into a store.  They send me a box and I send the laptop in. 


I called on Monday to find out the status and they tell me that the laptop needs to be replaced.  They give me an authorization code and tell me to that that into the store for a repalcement laptop.  I spend 8+ hours getting the run around as I told them I'm still in the same position with a new born and eldery parents that I don;t want to risk going into the store.  We have been practicing extreme social distancing and haven't been inside a store of any since March 2020.


I was told that I could contact the store and arrange for the mto drop offa new laptop using hte code.  I  contact the 2 Best Buys near me and both don't have Laptops that meet my minimum amount that I'd need to spend.  So going into the store would actually do nothing for me.


I was then told by both stores that I could contact corporate and request to either have a gift card sent or applied to my account so I can purchase online.  Trying to contact "Corporate" is impossible.  I sepnt another 8 hours on Tuesday trying to get my issues escalated, but that only ended with, we'll escalted this and someone will call you back in 1-2 days.  Still haven't heard from anyone.


Tried to call again today, but got the same runaround.  Go into the store...


I just want a laptop that meets the requirements I need to spend. I don't and WILL NOT go into a store.  HAving someone go into the store for me doesn't nothing for me as well because A) I'd still have  meet in person to get the laptop and B) the store doesn't even have a laptop in stock that meets my minimum amount.


This is ridiculous.  With the COVID number in California still on the rise, there as to be a way to repalce the laptop WITHOUT going int oteh store.  Send me one that I pick out, credit my account so I can purchase online, give me a code to use online, anything....




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Re: Complaint - Geek Squad Laptrop Repair

I was finally able to deal with someone that understood my problem and was able to resolve my problem by sending me the store credit to use online.