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To whom it may concern:


I am a long time Best Buy shopper and recently I am a bit appalled at how my latest issues have been getting resolved (or should I say not resolved) and I would like someone to speak with on this matter.


First and foremost, I had an order I placed for delivery for a video game. One for me, one for my partner. I made this order back in December and it was due for delivery the 20th on launch day. Mind you, our copies both came from the same distribution center (according to the OnTrac information) and my partner and I live 15 minutes apart. His copy arrives at noon, mind doesn't arrive at all. I look at the information provided by OnTrac which basically only says two things. The first things say it's coming from Dinuba, Ca (on both orders) which is roughly a 3 hour drive to our homes. The second thing it says is that it's delayed. No explanation as to why, just simply delayed and the new date is set for the 21st by the end of the day. So I get it, things happen, we're in quarantine, it's not terribly surprising to see an unexpected delay. The only thing I didn't understand at this point is why my boyfriend's copy was capable of getting to him on time but mine wasn't and we live so close and it's in the same shipment. I give them the benefit of the doubt and wait. The next day comes and OnTrac says it's due by the end of the day. Well, the end of the day comes, no package and the date is now set to the 22nd by the end of the day. This pattern went on for couple days until I finally contacted the web chat feature to figure out what exactly is going on with this order. I am told by the person that I have to wait another night as the post-purchase team was no longer in and the associate said they were certain the product would arrive the next day. It doesn't. I contact again and ask the associate to cancel the order and that I was terribly upset for how insane this order had become. The person either wasn't listening or maybe there was a language barrier but after they processed the return, they follow it up with "It may take 10-15 days to see your refund." Then I started to get upset. I paid for my product, it didn't arrive, I gave the benefit of the doubt and several days later I'm left with no choice but to cancel my order and now i'm going to have to wait up to two weeks to be refunded? This was on a best buy credit card. I tell the associate I'd like to talk to their supervisor because I really couldn't believe we were at this point. The associate asked why and I explained, they try to solve it themselves by asking me the same questions again. I asked again if I could speak to their supervisor and the associate again asks what it's about. I closed the chat after that. I was livid. At this point I had it and ordered another copy for store pickup and called customer service to ask where's my game and what on earth is going on with these day to day delays. Mind you I'm an elite plus member, I never expected to feel like I was being given generic "solutions" and I just did not feel like a valued customer or like anyone was listening. I spoke with a very kind person on the phone who said he understood my issue and explained to me that OnTrac has been giving the company a lot of issues and they can just deem that it's probably lost. I told them the whole story and asked if Best Buy was going to rectify this in any way. I have never asked this of the store, but after what I went through I just felt like a simple order cancel and refund was the absolute bare minimum of service for this ordeal. The man talked to his team and got back to me and said they will not offer anything because since the pandemic began, corporate had advised them that since they now "expect" delays they are no longer offering any sort of compensation to customers for these problems. I didn't even expect compensation, per se. I just felt like Best Buy had zero intentions on making it right or making me feel like they're actually sorry I was put through this. Additionally I have an image of the OnTrac information that I looked up today and it shows that the game is now on its 10th delay. I also contacted OnTrac to ask what on earth happened and they've been little to no help as well. Taking over a week to get back to me and simply say they’re “looking into it.” It’s now February and they still have not followed up even though it doesn’t matter now.


And this is only my first issue.


My second issue and the main reason I finally reached out to the forums is involving my television Repair. So to start with some history, the first television I ever bought was a 55" Samsung 4K roughly 6 years ago give or take. I had HDMI ports that went out and it was exchanged for a Sony 4K 55" television. This television also gave me issues later on and it was replaced with my current Sony 4K television through my protection plan. This model is the XBR55X930D which for the most part was working quite well up until the 2020-2021. The television now decides to restart sporadically and when I say restart I mean a full reset where it has to reload all of the Android TV settings. This happens a few times weekly at least and it usually happens when I'm in the middle of a game or watching a movie. This is very inconvenient. My second issue is despite connecting to my wifi successfully the television shows a "!" next to it and doesn't explain what exactly is the issue but it refuses to update without being hard-lined. Mind you, I have a 3 piece Eero mesh system and 300/20 cable internet and I also happen to be one room away from the router. Being that all my other devices connect fine, I can see this was a television issue and not my internet’s fault. So I reset the television, I made sure software/firmware was all up-to-date, I cleared cache, I did everything advised to me and nothing fixed this error. The only way I was able to work around this was to turn off the Wifi direct options. No television should require turning off features to function normally. At this point I reached out to Geek Squad and they told me it’s likely they will replace the panel and/or replace the power brick behind my television. This brought up two things I was wondering. First, what if this doesn’t fix the problem? Are they just going to attempt to fix this again? Or will they replace it? Being that I’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods, I’m skeptical to think a panel replacement or a power supply swap will fix something that sounds an awful lot like a software related problem. The second question I have is being that my television is above 42” do I really have to have someone come to my home to service this? I have an 82 year old grandmother at home and I prefer to limit the risks of Covid-19 with her and I have no problem hauling the television to a store so it’s just me that’s leaving the home. So I decided to connect with that chat feature again because the website alludes that you can choose between chat or calling. I prefer to chat so I connected with someone. I asked if I could make an appointment through this chat or if calling was the only option. Instead of answering my question they just ask my name and address and ask me to explain the problem and then they replied with a date. I told them that date does not work because I had an appointment around the same time, so I asked about the next available day which was the following day. I said I would like to book it but I had some questions and I proceeded to ask the two questions I mentioned above. Instead of answering my questions, they said okay your date is set have a nice day. I reply with “Um, are you going to address my concerns?” The agent closes the chat. This agent did not ask me if I had an account with best buy, they didn’t ask if I had a GSP plan which I do (It’s a 5-year that’s valid until December this year) and low and behold, I discover they booked an appointment for an in-home diagnostic and not a television repair. Once again, I’m feeling like I’m being given the bare minimum service, the kind I expect from a Walmart, not the electronics store I loved. I get an email that says I was cut off before they could ask if the problem was solved and provided me with a session ID and the date and advised if it wasn’t solved to contact chat again for further help. So I contacted the chat and asked for a copy of the last chat log because I was so upset by the service I wanted the proof to provide for you guys here of the lackluster support I was given once again. They said they do not get access to these chats.


So at this point I’m at my wit’s end. The game situation wasn’t necessary a super important situation, but how it was handled and the fact that there was no urgency for Best Buy to take ownership or offer me anything to rectify the situation was disheartening for me, someone who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars in this store loyally. The television situation is much more important because I’m a gamer, that’s part of my every day life and instead of trying to make things easier for me in this unique situation (and in quarantine), I’m being thrown around and no one is listening. My “Elite” customer service number is just full of sorries and being told they can’t do anything. Chat agents aren’t listening and getting my appointments wrong and not addressing my concerns and cutting me off and above everything else, I’m just a customer who spends a great deal of his hard earned money on electronics and protects them with your protection plans and I’m left with nothing but a lot of stress and inconveniences. I really would like this to be resolved ASAP and to speak to someone that actually has pull in this company.

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Re: Compaint

Also I don't know why my forum name is spelled "Compaint," can a moderator edit that to "Complaint" please?

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Re: Compaint

Hello. hzmajesty,


Thank you for taking the time to share a detailed description of your experiences. While it is always nice to hear from a loyal patron, I wish this were regarding a positive experience. Gaming is something many of our customers are keeping themselves entertained with, especially while staying safely at home. I’m sure you were eager to receive your new game, which is why learning of the significant delay certainly isn’t ideal. The issue you’re experiencing with your television are undoubtedly causing unnecessary frustration, which is something we definitely want to try to alleviate, if possible.


Our support teams should be utilizing all available resources, in effort to find the best solution. It sounds like the order for the game was ultimately cancelled, and a new one was placed to be picked up inside one of our retail stores. Hopefully, you’re now enjoying it. It does take some time for refunds to reflect on a billing statement, if you’d like our team to review the order history, we’d be happy to do that for you!


As for the television, we make all efforts to first attempt to repair electronics, in accordance with the Terms agreed to when purchasing Geek Squad Protection. In the event that is determined not to be possible, alternate options may be presented. Our retail stores are not equipped to handle repairs on screens larger than 43 inches, which is why in-home repair is typically necessary. It stands to reason you would be taking precautions to keep your family safe. Please be assured our teams are following CDC guidelines, in effort to keep everyone protected. Our website has more information on safety and in-home services, including a breakdown of what you can expect before, during, and after your scheduled appointment.


Your Private Message has been received. Please be expecting a reply, so we can gather the information needed to access your purchase and repair order.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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