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Cellphone Battery replacement

Good day. My name is Ray.. let me start by saying the level of knowledge and customer service at the Best Buy location wesley Chapel Fl is awful. I've been purchasing cellphones throughout best buy and the geek squad warranty for over 6 years now for myself and family. Unfortunately this is the first time I need to use the warranty.  I've call three different numbers. Getting the run around from each associate regarding the replacement of my Galaxy S7 Edge Battery.. Finally I was told to go into to the store and they would take care of the problem at no charge. Since I get a battery replacement under my warranty. While at the store , none of the Geek squad and or special service desk associates know what to do. I approached by Peter (Geek Squad) he gave me two options on replacing my Phone for $150 and the other to ship the phone off for the replacement battery for free. I opted to ship the phone. Peter then ask me to step over to the other computer to my right so he could complete the forms. after a few minutes Peter stated that the system will not allow him to send the phone off without the $150. At this point I ask for a manager ,and Shammara came over. She fiddle with the computer for a few minutes, then told me the same thing that Peter just told me. Shammara stated that if she could override the system she would but I have to pay $150. I'm now baffled that no one knows how the warranty works. And nowhere in the warranty packet stated that i have to pay for a Battery replacement. My phone works great. I DO NOT NEED A NEW PHONE . I NEED A REPLACEMENT BATTERY. this is misleading that employees would tell you that your warranty would cover one repalcement battery. But when it's time to have that service done. One would tell you that it will cost $150 because they can't remove the battery. Everyone is aware the phone is sealed and have to be done by a professional. Why is it the customer problem? And to make this visit more frustrating.  I went over to the cellphone section to speak to another associate.  And heard one the sale person explaining the warranty to a customer regarding the free battery replacement through the warranty. That's when I had to intervene and tell both party that wasnt true . Fyi. Please educate your associates,  and please follow up on this matter. I refuse to pay $150 because of the incompetence of others. I paid for a service and I expect just that . Thanks Ray. M
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Re: Cellphone Battery replacement

Hello Raymac73,


Purchasing a Geek Squad Protection for your phone is always a great idea in the event something would happen to your phone we’d be able to help you out. I recently experienced a battery life issue with my iPhone 6, and certainly understand how frustrating it can be. Thank you for posting to our community to share your frustration with using your plan. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to post your concerns to us, and for your patience while you had waited for our response.   


As shared within the terms you agreed to that time of purchasing your Geek Squad Protection Plan the service fee of $149.99 was noted. You’re more than welcome to review those terms here. I’m sorry you were incorrectly advised over the phone, and in-store that a battery replacement may not spark that service fee. Select Best Buy store locations are Samsung Authorized Service Providers, and may be able to provide battery replacement in store for a lower cost. You’re welcome to see if there’s one in your area here. We appreciate your feedback as it allows us to address any training opportunities that may be available. Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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