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Cannot communicate with Geek Squad (Also)



I am getting impatient with waiting on a repair for my laptop and I am convinced that Geek Squad agents do not have any knowledge on technology and are trained to sell to people that are desperate.


I figured since I had the GS protection plan, I should bring it to a store thinking that it would be faster than the manufacturer, I was wrong. I brought it into Bellingham, WA, and the GS agent said that it would take "2-6" weeks to be finished. With the look my face she quickly said "2-4" weeks. The first thing she suggested was to buy a new laptop and return it within the return period. I was considereing doing that but then I remembered that I can just buy the DeX Pad for my note 8 (using it on a monitor with seperate keyboard and mouse). When I mentioned the DeX Pad, she had no clue what I was talking about. I figured that if your working with Geek Squad your should at least have some knowlege on basic products that big companies make or at least think outside the box for other possible solutions. Another problem with this is that when she said that I could return the laptop. The return period is 2 weeks and repairs are 2+ weeks... this is an obvious scam for Best Buy to get more money from people. 


My other problem is that I am not able to communite with a GS agents that is knowledgable when it comes to repairs. I tried calling GS directly and the agent said that she could not provide me with any answers and that I would have to call the store I brought it too. So I called the store and was not able to talk to a GS agent because the extension was automated. I would like to know what is the status of my laptop and if there is a way to just have it sent back to me so I can send it to the manufacturer or to someone that can fix my laptop in a REASONABLE time frame. It was already a struggle for me to bring my laptop in the first place since I am going to school in Vancouver and had to rent a car to bring it to Bellingham. I also can't just go to the store to waste my time talking to someone that will provide me with any help. With all of these delays, my first year of university is going to end bad since I do not have a computer to do the projects, discussions and reports I have to do. It sucks doing it on a phone but I was not going to waste money on a laptop that I would've had to end up keeping.


Can someone not waste my time and not try to get me to buy another laptop?

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Re: Cannot communicate with Geek Squad (Also)

Hi there, Kobe_ebok, 


I rely on my computer to do things all the time, so I can understand the importance of having one back from service as quickly as possible. 


You can easily track the status of your repair online here.


For options on possibly cancelling any repairs, you would need to pair directly with your local store, which we recommend doing in person. Repairs once initiated are typically not eligible for cancellation. 


All the best, 


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