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Can't get an answer about approval for LG refrigerator repair

We purchased a high-end LG refrigerator from BestBuy 4 years ago with an extended warranty,.  2 years ago it had its compressor replaced under warranty. 2 weeks ago (8/7/21) it failed again, and couldn't keep the temperature below 55 degrees.  We called LG, who forwarded us to BestBuy since we had an extended warranty (and LG wouldn't have covered any issues outside of the compressor, and perhaps not labor on that).


The earliest appointment we could get was 8/14 (not great, but we had no choice).  When the technician from a local appliance repair company came out, within 5 minutes they'd verified the compressor had failed.   They said it was too expensive to be allowed to do without authorization from the insurance company that handles BestBuy's extended warranties (AIG). They said it normally takes around 2 days to get approval, and then they could order the parts and schedule repair, and that would take another 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on stock.


It has now been over a week since the technician was here (2 weeks and 2 days since the refrigerator failed). The repair place has not gotten authorization. We have not been contacted. I called Best Buy Wednesday and was told someone would look into it and get back to me.  No call. I called Thursday.  After 1 hour of getting passed from CSR to CSR, I finally got to the people/team who (in theory) handle this. I was told that the specific people who handle approvals (I assume at AIG) had gone home for the day, but that they'd call me back Friday.  No call or email. 


I called Friday (using the direct number to that group at Best Buy); I was told: "We don't know it wasn't approved"  (interesting phrasing).   They couldn't tell me when it would be approved; the CSR didn't seem to be able to (or want to) contact AIG).   The CSR said they could send a note asking someone to call me again, when I pressed the CSR. She said maybe AIG and LG were negotiating who would pay for it.  When I asked when approval would happen, and emphasized I was 2 weeks with no refrigerator and no idea when it would get approved the CSR said "well, we have 30 days to fix it" - but wouldn't tell me when the 30 days begins.  It sounded like it begins at approval -- but it isn't approved, and there's no indication when or if it ever will be. So, I'm looking at 30 more days when approval happens?  My family and I can't wait that long!  We have 2 young children and my elderly father-in-law who lives with us.


Needless to say, my wife and I are furious about the runaround on getting this repaired -- especially since the compressor is still under LG warranty; this shouldn't be hard - it needs to be replaced/repaired.  We paid a lot of money for this refrigereator and this is the second time it has failed in 4 years.


I need something to happen, and happen soon - some indication that this hasn't just fallen through the cracks somewhere.  Living out of ice chests is not fun, and not why I spent extra money on BB's extended warranty.  What was I paying for?

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Re: Can't get an answer about approval for LG refrigerator repair

Hi, jesup!


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums! Thank you for sharing these details. I can certainly understand this experience has been less than ideal, and if my refrigerator wasn't working properly, I'd be seeking out support too. So this can be investigated further, can you please send a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email address?


Kind regards,

Stephanie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Can't get an answer about approval for LG refrigerator repair

Just to close the loop:


Stephanie did reach out to me, and she got the warranty team (at AIG) to reach out to me (after days of failed attempts asking customer service to have them contact me).   In the end, they decided to replace the unit.   My thanks to Stephanie for breaking the logjam, and restoring most of my appreciation for BestBuy.   We've ordered a replacement unit from BestBuy which should be delivered Monday (which will be 24 days since it failed).