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Can someone at Best Buys Corporate please help!? In a black hole of frustration & disappointment!

My son bought thousands of dollars worth from in Dec 2019 which included a 58" Westinghouse TV that he was going to give me for Fathers Day 2020...then Covid hit with travel restrictions so I didn't get the TV until Sept 2020. Loved it but only got to use it for maybe a couple of weeks until the screen went totally BLACK! Took it to a local Best Buy thinking that they would exchange it but was told that I had to go through the online support. Brought the TV back home and the frustrating journey began. Sent emails with the online receipt from which showed that he bought 3 of the same TV at the same time, it showed the cc used, the store location for pickup etc etc. They then emailed that they needed pics of the black screen with the TV plugged up - sent that! Then they needed pictures of every label on the back with serial #, etc, etc - sent that! Then they told us that the receipt wasn't what they needed. They wanted a picture of the store receipt but the items were bought online! These multi emails went back and forth with them still not satisfied with all that we sent. I finally had my son who is in another state, go to the store where they picked up the items and emailed me a copy of a receipt that the store manager printed out for them. So tonight, I forwarded it to the support email along with reattaching every pic that they had previously asked for and the final response was, I'M SORRY, YOUR TV IS NO LONGER UNDER WARRANTY!! OH MY can this be when we have tried to get this taken care of since Sept!? I just read on your return page that you can take any product bought online back to any Best Buy Store so am I missing something? We even tried to take it to a store and get a credit to purchase a TV twice the cost AND WE PAY ALMOST $400 DIFFERENCE but were told that there was nothing that anyone at BB could do because we had to go through Westinghouse! We've tried that! I just do not understand how this can be! My son is a business owner and bought printers, scanners, registers, security cameras, TV's, and probably spent approx 10K at Best Buy but no one will stand behind this product when it was defective from the get-go! I'm not trying to get a refund...I just want a working TV! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE WITH AUTHORITY HELP AND RENEW OUR FAITH IN THIS STORE! 

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Re: Can someone at Best Buys Corporate please help!? In a black hole of frustration & disappoint

With the return period being up to 45 days and the warranty being 12 months, it far exceeds both if it was purchased in 2019. You could see if a local tv repair place could fix it at your expense, however sometimes it's cheaper just to buy another one.
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Re: Can someone at Best Buys Corporate please help!? In a black hole of frustration & disappoint

Thank you for the input and in normal circumstances, I would 100% agree. However, 2020 was an entity of it's own and when Covid started showing it's ugly head in Feb,  that was a game changer that most companies have taken into consideration with returns and circumstances.The TV was purchased on 12/1/2019 and even if we had recieved the defective TV for Christmas, most companies extend return policies due to Christmas holidays as a courtesy due to high volume return traffic.  Best Buy even shut down their stores on March 22nd and only offered limited curbside pickup for purchases temporarily, and then like most of the stores, they shut down completely. Unfortunately, due to the stay in place orders, we did not receive the TV until Sept, it worked for maybe 2 weeks and that was it. We immediately took it to a BB to try to exchange it and that's when we got into the black hole of send me this, send me that, that receipt isn't valid(but it was!), etc, etc. We are dealing with customer service at a Chinese company who makes Westinghouse TV's(Tsinghua Tongfang Factory) therefore, they do not care about BB's customer. The fact that the whole country was shut down for months and there was absolutely no customer service happening for any company, has to be taken into consideration at some point.  You're right, TV's are inexpensive and it's not about the money, it is about the principle...the product that Best Buy carries and sold to my son, was defective and they should stand behind it somehow when the company who makes it will not. It's simple customer service 101. I really do appreciate your advice. Take care.

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Re: Can someone at Best Buys Corporate please help!? In a black hole of frustration & disappoint

Even if you took advantage of the "Covid " Return policy that Best Buy did have you're still way outside this timeframe as stores began to open up again later in the year for limited in store shopping and were equipped to handle returns.

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Re: Can someone at Best Buys Corporate please help!? In a black hole of frustration & disappointm...

Hello, Gatpgun,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forum. Thanks for making your first post.

In an effort to keep pricing competitive while still giving our customers some time to ensure that their products fit their needs, Best Buy offers a return and exchange period. At this time, it sounds like your TV would fall outside of that time, and may be ineligible for a standard return or exchange. Most manufacturers would also offer a one year manufacturer's warranty which would begin at the time that that the product was received. If the manufacturer provides you with a Return Authorization (RA) number, Best Buy would then be able to process a return for you. Outside of that, any repair services that Best Buy would provide outside of the manufacturer warranty would typically be completed under a Geek Squad Protection plan. Do you know if your son purchased any sort of coverage for the TV?


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