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Can any store service an Xbox?

So, I recently purchased a brand-new Xbox Series X from Microsoft's website that had some technical issues. Basic troubleshooting didn't work, and I was advised by Microsoft to go to a "participating Best Buy service center," with the promise that the servicing would be covered by the console's warranty. However, Microsoft's own website only listed three Best Buy locations in my entire state, the closest of which is quite a long drive away. This is particularly annoying because there's a Best Buy a few minutes from my house, and if I could get my console serviced there, I'd absolutely prefer to.

Therefore, my question is this - can I get my console serviced by any Best Buy and have it covered by the warranty, or do I specifically need to go to the one listed on the Microsoft website?

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Re: Can any store service an Xbox?

Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, ferb0!


Typically only those service centers are set-up to be able to repair an Xbox. Other Best Buy locations may be able to send the Xbox out for repair, but additional charges may be required. The best recommendation would be to visit one of the specific service centers listed on Microsoft's support site or to contact our Geek Squad for additional Xbox repair questions at (800) GEEK-SQUAD or (800) 433-5778. 


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