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Cameras and warranty

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My husband purchased a Sony camera and lens for me approx a year and half ago. Said lens and camera stopped working together. We thought we had extended 3 year warranty’s on both:found out only on the camera. First, shame on us for not double checking and trusting that it was rung up. Correctly, secondly, the GM at our local store has been a monster to deal with and even HUNG up on my husband when my husband explained there was miscommunications going on. The GM’s ego is much bigger then the company itself: see Below regarding my lost lens
First email from husband:


Continuous failure to communicate and wrong information and accusation.

Thank you for responding to Mrs. {removed per forum guidelines} even after I was the one who originated and sent out the email. You continue to assume and make wrong statements like the one in your email "When you purchased the item you refused to purchase the service plan after being asked several times by the employee". I don't believe you were present at the time of my purchase to know whether your employee offered or asked several time. Why would I purchase a protection plan on the camera and not the lens? You stated that your employee was doing us a favor by sending the lens for repair. Your employee was only making sure that the repair team understood that the lens worked on a new camera but not on ours. The moment your team took possession of the camera and the lens you took the liability to get it back to us in the same condition that you took position of.

At this point as I see that we continue to struggle with communication with you and reaching a resolution, I am asking for your direct report email and contact.

From GM after no contact and I cc’d Best Buy media:


Unfortunately the only option available is to recover the lens from our service center. When you purchased the item you refused to purchase the service plan after being asked several times by the employee. As a favor we sent the lens to our service center to see if we could get a repair approved. The camera was exchanged but the lens was left at the service center. We will communicate with them to send your lens back to the store and we will call you when it gets there.

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Please see the attached email from your “GM” who has refused to answer his voicemail or this email.

I am tempted to call local tv station as I am told by 800 Best Buy there is no one over his head to help us resolve this issue!!!

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Re: Cameras and warranty

Hello, Faith1219,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum though I wish it were under better circumstances. It can be truly disappointing if someone believes they purchased a Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) previously and then they find out that didn’t happen.


Before I go into this too much, so you will be aware, what information we can provide to someone who is not an order’s purchaser may be limited due to our Privacy Policy. You can see more about Privacy at Best Buy at the link here.


Going forward, I cannot speak to if someone requested a plan a year and half ago when this purchase was made, but I can say generally that there is only a limited time frame where a GSP can be added to a purchase. After a year and half, that time period is well past, so, while I certainly understand this isn’t the desired answer, the store would not be able to add a GSP.  


That being said, I do want to see what options we may have available to assist. To this end, I have a few questions that I was hoping could be clarified. In your message, it sounds like one of the main concerns right now is that the lens you reference was sent to our service center but wasn’t sent back. Also from you message, it sounds like the store was planning on working with the service center to correct this. Is this a correct understanding? Please let me know!


If so, I’d be happy to connect with the store to see what may be going on here and see if we can offer any assistance. Can you send me some additional information? We’ll need your full name, your phone number, your email address, and (if possible) the repair order number from where you sent out your camera and the lens for service. To keep your information secure, please send this in a private message by logging into the forum and selecting the blue “private message” button in my signature.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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