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Call placed 1/7now 2/4 still no service

Our stove, still under warrenty, failed on 1/7 so a call was placed to the Geek squad.  At that time I was told it would be 2 weeks before they could get out but one of thier contract service companies could be quicker.  They turned it over to a contracted service who called me within 2 days.  I then did not hear anything for a week so when I inquired I was told they were waiting for the part ( he said he new what part to order from the code I gave him over the phone).  Another week still hearing nothing I recontacted and told still waiting for a part. I then recontacted Geek squad and was told they closed the original call because it was turned over to a contractor. I was told they could open another call and send out one of thier guys on 2/4 but was also told do to length of time they may just replace the stove.  On 2/4 the Geek squad guy came out and said he has to order part and wouldn't be able to come back until 2/12.  So this is over a month without a stove, they said they will not replace it because it wasn't long enough yet.  I have all the records, call refrence numbers and dates.  So in short original call placed on 1/7, the first guy shows up on 2/4, and it may get repaired on 2/12?  How long is long enough?  Just bring me a new stove!

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Re: Call placed 1/7now 2/4 still no service

Greetings, ddoppke, 


I'm not entirely sure why the first order was not followed up with, even with the switch to a contractor, but I'm thankful you registered with the Best Buy forums so I can look at the order myself.  I'm wanting to take a look at the order notes and see if I can't locate the agents you've already been working with. 


I was unable to locate any information, or cases opened, using the email provided at registration.  Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and any order numbers tied to these repairs.  Be sure to keep your personal information your own by clicking the blue button in my signature line below labeled "Private Message".  



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Re: Call placed 1/7now 2/4 still no service

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I am looking at an email from BB on 1/7. The number is {removed per forum guidelines}. If you would give me an email and get off this forum I will forward it to you.