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COMPLAINT Against Best Buy & Geeksquad

First off, its unbelievable that I have to go to this forum to file a complaint. Anyway:


Recently my computer took and dive and stopped working, so I brought it to Bestbuy via Geeksquad to get it looked at. They told me over the phone that my computer was shut off during a update, and that it couldnt start again because it lost files needed to do update. My computer never turned off - whatever, I needed a new one anyway. They said I could still transfer and backup my files. I agreed. Then I get a call saying my PC was done, so I go in. They didnt transfer any data because I didnt bring in an external harddrive which they failed to tell me. So I bring in my external harddrive, which I use for my PS4. Now I no nothing about this process, but when I get everything back, and i transfer my files onto my new laptop, I plug my external harddrive into my PS4. It says it needs to be reformatted and all my data would be lost. GEEKSQUAD did not tell me my harddrive would need to be remormatted, so now I LOST ALL MY DATA for my PS4!


And during this fiascal, I asked to see a certain product. They didnt have in stock due to the newer model that was out. I asked to see the newer model. Well that was out of stock as well. So I asked if they could ship the laptop I wanted to their store. They couldnt. So I had to risk it being shipped to my house, while being told the laptop I wanted wasnt good.


All in all, I lost saved files, Best Buy couldnt provide anything I asked for, and the customer service was awful. Will you do anything for me? Or proceed to do nothing like you have?


Store is in Dekalb IL, 60115



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Re: COMPLAINT Against Best Buy & Geeksquad

Hello cjeronimus22,


Losing progress on your external hard drive can certainly be frustrating if you game a lot. I know I would be personally upset since some levels feel impossible to beat. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your feedback with us regarding your recent experience at your local DeKalb Best Buy. I’d like to apologize for our delayed response due to the volume of posts we’ve received recently. We appreciated your patience as you had waited for a response.


Getting a new laptop since your old one isn’t reacting as it should be can be bitter sweet. It’s disappointing to learn that the data back-up service may not have fully explained to you. You’re more than welcome to review what’s fully included here. Education is such an important part of what Geek Squad does, and it’s disheartening to learn that the service may not have been fully explained to you.  Have you discussed your concerns with your local Best Buy? However, at this time we’d be unable assist with the data that was lost. This is noted on the paperwork you had signed. Again, thank you for feedback and sharing your experience.  



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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