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Buyer Beware (Do Not Buy Online)

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My wife and I have been purchasing items from Bestbuy forever.  October 22 2017, we ordered a large dryer to compliment our new home.  By Christmas it stopped working.  Calls to Bestbuy were fruitless because I did not purchase the item in the store and because I did not purchase the Geek Squad warranty.  I was put in touch with whirlpool to fix the problem.  Surprisingly, the repair man was not sure what the problem was but felt that it originated in the circuit board.  A part was ordered and nobody ever followed up.  When I called a week later, I was told that nationwide there was a shortage of this part and that I would have to give it another day to give the repair people time to fix my dryer.  Surprisingly, today I got a call from Whirlpool stating that the part was found and would be sent to Orlando where it would be given to a service rep to come out to our home again to see if this is in fact the problem.  


I will never buy another product from bestbuy, nor whirlpool.  I have never submitted a customer complaint in over 50 years of doing adult business.  Bestbuy got their money and are under no obligation to give me a dryer that is dependable or works.  Whirlpool is determined to stick by their policy to fix the problem rather than replace the item with something that would make the customer happy and restore faith in a name that should speak for itself.  


My order number is {removed per forum guidelines}.  My next task will be to notify Consumer Affairs, the BBB and Channel 10 News in Tampa.  Maybe someone there will care that I've been without a dryer for weeks.